Easter or Christmas All Over Again?

If it weren’t for the fact that I was born and raised in the “True North, strong and free”, I might be Surprised by the weather this Easter weekend.  Notice that I said ‘might’.  While the ‘True North’ and ‘strong’ parts speak true for those of us who live in Canada, it seems that we, in fact, are not exactly ‘free’–from winter, that is!  It appears as though Mother Nature has no regard for the calendar, or the Easter bunny, though he/she will clearly have some easy hiding spots out and about.  Come to think of it, however, the multitude of treats risk not even being found for days (not a lot of fun!) at the rate we are going since the impending snowfall is predicted to last through most of the weekend, ending in accumulations of up to 30 cm of snow.  Now if it were, say….December?!, one could agree that the following sight is rather pretty, BUT it’s April and mid-April at that.  Just saying….



In looking at our little tree out front, I have actually contemplated getting back into the spirit again by pulling out our Christmas decorations and lights to adorn its white-laiden boughs.  Maybe, if I just ‘go with it’, it’ll go away?  I wonder if my reverse psychology logic would work?!  At this point, I think it’s safe to say that I have nothing to lose.  Gee, I might even break out my Sounds of the Season CD and put the Shaw Fire Log on TV.  If I do that, then I best get around to making some shortbread cookies to boot;-).

Yah…you know what?!  Forget about being downtrodden about a little snow for the sixth month in a row!  Instead, I will proudly say,  “Bring it on, baby!”  After all, I am True North, strong and free, remember?!  Merry Easter one and all:-).


17 thoughts on “Easter or Christmas All Over Again?

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