A Work In Progress

Perhaps this post is not so Timely in that this prompt is now two days old, but….well, you know what they say, “Better late….”, which interestingly enough brings me right to the point of my thoughts on the matter of timeliness.

You see, I’ve NEVER been a very timely person.  NEVER.  I don’t think I was an overdue baby per se, but I did come out as a breech, so that could have something to do with my inclination of being ‘fashionably’ late (nice choice of words considering I was a breech, eh?).  I do know, however, that my mom’s doctor, just prior to my birth, told her to, “Hurry up!” as it was noon and he wanted to go for lunch.  Maybe it was at point that I decided to become passive-aggressive with time?!  I mean, many a psychologist will tell you that we do carry forward things from our past, though that would be a little extreme, wouldn’t it?  I would have been too young to remember, but it is noted that babies do learn fast, so who knows?!

Growing up, my mom also had a propensity to being late, thus it could have been a learned thing.  There were countless occasions when all four of us (my dad with the patience of Job and us three kids) would be dressed, ready and waiting in the car, first a light blue boat of a Chrysler, then a dark blue Grand Prix.  Now, being that I am approaching my mid-forties, you must keep in mind that these were the days prior to power anything (seats, windows, etc.), let alone such thing as air conditioning.  And, you know what they say about ‘Three’s a Crowd’ in the back seat of a car as brothers and sisters, especially.  Oh yoy!  My dad was/is a very patient man, but even he would lose it a bit now and again, and who could blame him?  Usually, it took one or two of us to go in pursuit of her, so that we could get rolling always leaving our family to be upward of a half-hour or more late to various functions.  Regardless of what was going on, my mom always came up with what she thought were good reasons for the wait and, to be fair, sometimes they were, as she certainly spent many a year juggling it all, as most working moms did.

While it would be easy to blame my mom’s habits having rubbed off on me in my being late for school, late for parties, late for dinner, late for classes, late for the bus, late for appointments all my life, it simply isn’t true.  Clearly, I have chosen this annoying habit, as some would describe.  To my credit, I have become increasingly better with ‘being on time’ over the years and it probably has had a lot to do with wanting and needing to stay employed to be honest.  Certainly, it’s been a good motivator that’s for sure!  And yup, mornings STILL aren’t my favourite, though there isn’t so much of a thing as sleeping in anymore. That seems to have dissipated with age, much to my own chagrin.  Surely, I am not alone here.  I will say that the other thing that has contributed to my being more aware of the clock has to do with a Personal Improvement Course that I took in my late twenties, wherein one of the instructors kindly alluded to the fact that us late-goers were selfish–plain and simple!  Now, admittedly, I was not too pleased at that connotation, but the premise, upon reflection, seemed reasonable in that I must have subconsciously valued my time more than the others with whom I was meeting up.  Made/makes sense, in a way, doesn’t it?!  Of course, at the time that I was challenged and true to my sometimes stubborn nature, I argued the fact that those who are chronically early, are also selfish in that they ‘expect’ others to be ready well ahead of time.  Not fair if my party doesn’t start until 7PM and you arrive at 6:30PM, while I am still running around like mad to get everything sorted out and then you are angry because I can’t visit.  A pretty good rebuttal, I thought.  But, like it or not, that lady’s words have stuck with me all of this time (how’s that for irony?) and because of that lone experience, I am at least more aware of my habits.  While I haven’t ‘licked it’ per se, I am a work in progress and that’s all one can ask, right?  Right!!  With that thought, it’s ‘Time’ to sign off;-).

3 thoughts on “A Work In Progress

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