A Play On Words

The following play on words is being retold as best as is remembered and is inspired by true events.  All meant in good fun:-).

Real Life Characters:  Emma Mae Lyn, Sue and Mr. Pat

Setting:  The Workplace (always interesting!)

Scene One

Emma Mae Lyn:  (proudly states) “I worked tyraciously on this project!”

Sue: (looking puzzled) “Tyraciously?  You mean, tenaciously.”

Emma Mae Lyn:  (states emphatically) “No!  I mean tyraciously.”

Sue:  (not wanting to hurt her friend’s feelings) “Um, I think the word is ‘tenacious’.”

Emma Mae Lyn:  (sticking to her guns–gotta give her credit as that is the definition of tenacious in and of itself) “Tenacious’?  I don’t think so.  I swear it’s ‘tyracious’.  I’ve never heard of ‘tenacious’.”

Sue:  (relenting and feeling entertained)  “Pretty sure that the word is ‘tenacious’, but what the hey?!  Let’s go with ‘tyracious’.  I have to admit that it does sound better.”

Emma Mae Lyn:  (feeling a tad bit embarrassed, so she questions)  “Sue, are you being serious that it really is ‘tenacious’?  Oh well.…I say it’s ‘tyracious’ and I am sticking to it.”  (Turns and walks out)

Sue:  (smiling at Emma Mae Lyn’s conviction and the creation of a new word to throw around for fun at work)

Scene Two  (takes place the very next day–enter new character, Mr. Pat, an absolutely brilliant man who thrives upon learning new things) 

Emma Mae Lyn:  (excited at using her newly invented word over the P. A. System for all to hear) “Can my tyracious friend, Sue, please call me if she is still in the building?”

Sue:  (calls her friend on the phone to say she’s still around)

Emma Mae Lyn:  (bounces into the room a couple of minutes later)  “Did you like my intercom page?  Notice that I used our new word, ‘tyracious’?”

Sue:  (laughing)  “Yes, I did notice.  It sounded very tyracious.”

Emma Mae Lyn:  (smugly proud)  “See, it’s an awesome word, isn’t it?!  It can be used in all kinds of ways.”

Mr. Pat:  (out of breath, runs into the room with his fine, black straight hair still blowing from the breeze that he had just created whilst holding a pen and paper in hand)  “Tyracious? I have NEVER heard of the word ‘tyracious’.  I just looked it up and it’s not in the dictionary.  What does it mean?”

Emma Mae Lyn and Sue:  (exchange sly glances and ‘tyraciously’ decide to let the very, unexpected situation play out for a little bit)  “You mean YOU don’t know?  Pat, you must know.  You know everything!”

Mr. Pat:  (still in shock at his lack of apparent word knowledge, now poised in a ready-to-write position)  “No, I have no idea.  I have not heard of it ever being used before.  Tell me what it means.  I want to know.”

Emma Mae Lyn and Sue:  (both cannot keep up the charade due to Mr. Pat’s seriousness and out of respect….)  “Well, actually…we just made up the word yesterday.  It means whatever we want it to mean.”

Mr. Pat:  (relieved that it was not an oversight of his doing)  “Oh!  I figured that it was strange that I had no knowledge of it.”  (puts pen away into his pale blue, plaid shirt pocket and looks at the two girls while rolling his eyes at their playful antics)

Emma Mae Lyn and Sue:  (couldn’t help but giggle simultaneously over their brief and knowingly ONLY opportunity of having possibly outwitted the smartest man that they both knew of, with a silly, made-up word of all things!)

Emma Mae Lyn:  (feeling even more empowered, all because of HER tenacious word faux-pas the previous day) “This is going to be very tyracious!”

Sue:  (amazed at the irony of the situation and of how quickly the new word took on a life of its own)  “That it is!”

Post Script:  The word ‘tyracious’ is still fondly used by Emma Mae Lyn and Sue to this day.  It has brought about a LOT of very tyraciously entertaining moments throughout their decades of friendship!!  



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