Late With a Purpose

So, we all know that the kind folks of WordPress tried to trick us on this fine April Fool’s Day with their late release of the daily word prompt…and to add to the irony, they chose the word, Later.  I wondered what it was that they would do, didn’t you?  And, in response, I have waited until this very evening to do my post.  While I am pretty sure they are not tracking my specific site, I thought that I would stick with their intention for the day, if nothing else.  Why not, right?

Now, in all honesty, I could do a whole other take on my blog relating back to my title of, “Late With a Purpose”, as it most definitely describes my tendencies as an all-time procrastinator.  However, since I have already procrastinated enough with this post to go along with today’s theme, I will aim for a much lighter interpretation of the word prompt.


Quite simply put, I am more than happy to bid a fairly, “See you Later” to March and all things winter, and in turn, I will gladly meet the month of April with a kind smile and a, “Hello Darling, it’s good to see you again!”.

(Surely, it’s not too late for that, is it?;-).

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