Timmy the Green Sea Turtle

My husband and I had the good fortune of coming across this fine fellow in our travels to the Big Island of Hawaii last summer.


While neither of us knew nothing much of turtles beforehand, and still don’t really know a lot (though our encounter did prompt some ‘Google’ research), we were mesmerized with this seemingly free-floating sea creature.  To see one up close and personal, separate from being in the water, is really quite something.  Their presence is both ancient, yet evolved and they command (not demand) respect just by the very nature of their being.

In our case, we felt an instant connection with our green turtle friend, so much so, that we nicknamed ‘him’, Timmy.  Not too long into our stay, Timmy was soon joined by Sammy and Gertie, which negated our theory that sea turtles were/are solitary.  Each day, from our lanai, we searched longingly into the deep ocean waters awaiting our new friends’ arrival into our bay and sure enough, they would eventually surface.  They would dive, swim, float, beach, feed and sun themselves right before our very eyes!  We were sold on their ocean adventures and soon we were writing ourselves into their story, such that they came purposely our way each day just to say ‘hi’ and visit.  That we were so lucky to have been their ‘chosen ones’.  While it is likely that that was not exactly the case, it sure was fun to wait, watch, wonder and learn a bit about our newfound green sea pals.  Perhaps they are now awaiting our return?!  

It IS Easy Being Green!


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