Blue Autumn

I look in the mirror,

A fait accompli,

First step completed,

Swimsuit on–tee-hee!

I enter the pool deck area,

The smell of chlorine overwhelms,

My knees feel weak,

This is out of my realm.

The green-blue hue summons,

I bravely answer the call,

One stair at a time,

I trepidatiously enter its wet thrall.

Breathe, just breathe,” I hear her say,

One, two, three, four…,

My chin hits the surface,

Time to even out the score.

I close my wide eyes,

Pinch hard onto my nose,

The sting hits my throat,

My body feels its throws.

My toes grasp the concrete,

They can still touch the bottom,

I pop up to the surface…

“See ya again next Autumn!”



6 thoughts on “Blue Autumn

    1. It’s this goofy little thing with a paycheck called work.

      Glad you picked up painting again and are enjoying it:-). It’s all about the journey–not the finished product; a lot like life.

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      1. I used to be, but now I have to stay out of the sun so that kind of takes the fun out of going in the water for me. Of course, the beach after 5 or 6pm in the summertime is sublime.

        Liked by 1 person

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