When the Stars Align

A rabbit’s foot, a Lucky coin, a four-leaf clover, a fuzzy pink troll doll, the full moon, one’s horoscope, the lottery–our society has a plethora of things associated with good fortune, and I will admit that I have used and/or bought into almost all of them at some point in time.  Why not, right?!  The million dollar question is, ‘Do these items actually work in helping to bring about prosperity’?.  My mom, an all-time believer in luck, will tell you that yes, they do make a difference and all who know her cannot deny the fact that she seems to have had her fair share of contest wins, etc. over the years.  My guess is that you, too, probably even know of someone like her for whom Lady Luck shines every now and again–better yet, maybe that person is you?  But, is it a person’s belief in ‘luck’ or their belief in their ‘ability to win’ that helps them to succeed at whatever it is that they have their eye on?  I would say, based on my own experience, that it is the latter that is most powerful in garnishing the ever-revered ‘prize’ or ‘pot of gold’.

As discussed in some of my previous blogs, I believe a lot in the power of intention and the energies that we both put out and tap into in our surrounding universe.  Even though I have been known to partake in various luck generating ideas, some outright silly (but fun!), my opinion on the whole notion of luck is quite simply that we create our own; of course, everyone’s idea of what is considered good fortune also differs. In my life, I have been privy to some very fortunate experiences/circumstances–my career, my home, my husband, travel, my family and friends and the list goes on.  While I have no lotto wins to my name (as of yet, anyway;-) and live under somewhat modest means, I lead a very happy, fulfilling life which, to me, is the ultimate win.  But, the road to get to all things great is/has not always (been) easy, and most who feel privileged as I do, often proclaim the same.  It all starts with a desire followed by a will to do what it takes to get there–without those two things, I dare say one is doomed in ‘making it happen’.  Granted things do not always turn out the way we want; yet there is often a valuable lesson to be learned from those very expectations NOT met.   I know that that has certainly been true of some of my ‘lost’ endeavours, and I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Regardless of what you believe, I think that most of us can agree that the word ‘luck’ seems to bring about a sense of hope and sometimes, that in and of itself, is what is needed.  After all, hope is a start and without it, none of us would have much to aspire to.  That being said, it has to be backed up by some kind of action and belief.  So, hang onto your lucky rabbit’s foot (mine was blue), take a step forward, be open to all possibilities and stay true to yourself and your convictions.  Only YOU can and only YOU can live it:-).


5 thoughts on “When the Stars Align

  1. speaking of luck…..I found the rooibos tea you recommended for my stomach and it is wonderful! Yes, I lucked out that tests showed I have an ulcer (maybe brought on by chemo? docs not sure), and now I have to have another test but at least the tea is my new beverage of choice now that coffee no longer works. Thank you so much for that very wonderful, and for me, lucky, suggestion, Sue!


    1. Sorry to hear that you have an ulcer…I had one and it was brutal! Have been on meds ever since, which doesn’t please me much, but….

      Super glad to hear that you found the tea and that you enjoy it. I have it daily. Cheers!

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