Jackpot on a Dime



Well, in our most recent travels to Sin City, I managed to Parlay my accidental and only bet of $1.50 on this slot machine into a minor jackpot win of sorts…finally, after all of these years!  Indeed, I sat down and wouldn’t you know that on the first spin, I landed a screen full of rhinoceroses?!  While I can’t say as though rhinos have ever been my favourite African animal, I guess they are now.  I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with a flaming display of these horned fellows, especially since they paid so well?

The funny thing is that, prior to our trip, I told my husband that *this* visit would be the one for me to ‘cash in on’ and it was; albeit not a grand win, but a victory just the same. I could feel it, you know.  After all, our first hotel stay at the Wynn HAD to elicit a real win, right?!  That was my cheesy theory anyway, and it appears as though my hair-brained logic actually worked on the last night of our stay.  The best part is that this win was just the beginning of my night’s luck.  Yes, there was more…

Once I redeemed my voucher and tucked my winnings away (you won’t ever catch me throwing good money after bad), I came across a shiny dime on the casino floor.  Now, you might be thinking much like my husband–‘A dime, really?  Why bother?’--in which case you would both be sorry that you hadn’t dove down to scoop it up like I had.  That lucky, well-placed dime yielded a streak of successes on each VLT that I touched from that point on.  No word of a lie.  In addition to playing off of $20 for a good little while on a carefully chosen penny slot (which, for you non-gamblers, is a feat in and of itself since one can blow throw that meager amount in one round) with my newfound dime carefully placed above the ‘bet’ button, I decided to move onto the machine next to it.  Feeling less frugal, I saw that the maximum bet was $2.00, and thought, ‘Ah, why not?  With a max. bet this time, maybe I can win big?’.  Lo and behold, that feeling turned into this triumph pictured below…



See the screen?   “Game Pays 5000”.  Pretty sweet, eh?  Needless to say, $50 wasn’t exactly the progressive jackpot, but it was good enough for me.  Ching-ching.  Not wanting to wear out my welcome, so to speak, we were just getting ready to head upstairs to our room to sort out our luggage for the next day when I came across a 0.50 cent voucher that someone left sitting on a nearby machine.  Hmmm, you don’t say.  Let’s see what I can do with this?’  Still toting my lucky dime, of course, I took a seat.

<Would you like to venture a guess here?>

Yup, you are right.  I hit it again!!  Seriously, I did.  A couple of spins later, I walked away from a bonus round with a new $5.00 slip.  Just.  Like.  That.  Who knew I’d become the next Fifty Cent turned rich, after a ‘rap’ of good luck?   Okay, so maybe not rich per se, but I surely earned the right to refer to this past vacation as the, ‘Nothing ventured, Nothing gained’ one;-).   Woo-hoo!!!!!!



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