Perfectly Divided

This time of the year is so invigorating!  Now that the daylight hours have lengthened, there are signs of a new life on the horizon.  Spring is just around the corner–I can feel it in my bones.  Just a few short weeks ago, I was getting ready for work and coming home in the dark.  Everything was dark.  Not anymore:-).  Things are a changin’…

It just so happens that this morning as I opened the drapes, I noticed some bright orangey-red hues on the horizon; indeed, the sun was rising.  By the time I drove into work, it was daylight and though the temperature was cold, the warmth of the sun glimmered on my face through the window–a most welcome feeling.  As I stopped at one of the few lights along my commute, I caught a glimpse of the bright wonder through the Center of an oddly divided tree.  It struck me immediately how perfectly placed the sun was at that moment in time.  It was as if the deciduous seedling was planted years prior with today’s view in mind.  Though not the best shot by any means, I was simply grateful to partake in Mother Nature’s divine and fleeting alignment.  My ‘roses’ moment for the day, if you will-may it inspire one for you:-).

Take a look…



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