Lobsters in the Desert?

Okay, so maybe not so likely since lobsters seem to prefer ocean floors, but this morning, I came across a very interesting video clip about lobsters of all things that I wanted to share as I like the analogy given; hence, the title is my lame attempt at connecting it to the word, Arid.  For the record, I personally don’t care for lobster, though I understand that many people consider it a seafood delicacy enjoyed on special occasions.  I find the white ‘meat’ rather tasteless, whereas king crab (especially when pre-split for easy eating) is a different story–delicious!  While I could go on about how yummy fresh crab legs are and how graceless I am at actually digging out the long, scrumptious, moist tendrils (definitely NOT first date kind of eats), that is not what I have intended for this post.

Did you know that lobsters shed their outer shells several times throughout their lifetime whenever they outgrow the one they have?   As they grow and change, their shell literally gets uncomfortable, which prompts them to crawl under a rock to protect themselves from predators while they shed their old one and take on a new one.  What’s most interesting to me is the comparison that this Rabbi makes as he explains the process….listen in, if you will.

Though a very simple explanation and an odd relationship made to us mammals, to me this common crustacean can seemingly teach us a lot about how to deal with our own ‘shells’ and growth.  Afterall, haven’t you heard and/or found it to be true that it takes us being  ‘uncomfortable’ and/or ‘sick and tired’ of our circumstances before we are prompted to make a change?  I know it to be true of myself.  And, I am thinking that most of us would likely agree that making a change, though we know deep down is necessary, is often difficult and fear provoking–fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of not being liked, etc.–fears that often prevent us from forging ahead and doing something different.  What if, like our ten-legged sea friends, we had no choice but to physically and emotionally shed our discomfort and create a new ‘shell’, a new experience for ourselves?  What if?!  Hmmm…..




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