Blankets and Bobby Pins


Boredom + Creativity = Bobby Pin Caterpillar (sans legs)

While the above-pictured duo is an unlikely combination, I chose it for today’s Photo Challenge for exactly that reason; the result is/was unique.  Here’s the back story, in case you are interested….

Table-side, at home, I always have a bobby pin handy to help tame my seemingly ever-evolving, out of control cowlick.  One night, while watching TV with my husband, I inadvertently placed one of my infamous pins on my blanket et voilà…this little guy was ‘born’.  Proud of my effortless creation, I couldn’t help but capture its fuzzy essence before my drooping bangs reclaimed the pin.  I felt bad about letting my newfound caterpillar ‘die out’, so to speak,  but those sporting cowlicks front and centre (with a widow’s peak, to boot) surely have empathy for my sticky situation.  He sure was cute, though:-).

A Good Match


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