My Bestest Shadow Named Duke



Well, it seems as though my definition of the word ‘Shadow’ has been forever changed thanks to this ‘lil guy:-).  In looking back at one of my previous posts on WordPress, also tied to the word Shadow, I chose to write about Duke.  And, here I am again.  I guess he is my favourite interpretation of not only a shadow, but also of a lifelong companion which I was most fortunate to have had for close to seventeen years.  After adopting him, at aged five weeks, from the local animal shelter, it was clear that Duke and I would be an inseparable pair.  Everywhere I went, he went.  It was that simple.  We grew up together he and I, so to speak, as he brought me through more than a decade and a half of young adulthood that would have otherwise been lonely had it not have been for him and the unconditional love that he offered, as I began my professional career, left an eight and a half year relationship and learned to really ‘be’ on my own.  Needless to say, I owe many thanks of where I am today to this four-pawed, one-of-a-kind Shepherd cross–‘the bestest buddy a blonde girl coulda ever asked for’.  He is ‘fur’ever lovingly remembered and always dearly missed.  Hope you are enjoying Rainbow Bridge, my friend!


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