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Perfectly Divided

This time of the year is so invigorating!  Now that the daylight hours have lengthened, there are signs of a new life on the horizon.  Spring is just around the corner–I can feel it in my bones.  Just a few short weeks ago, I was getting ready for work and coming home in the dark.  Everything was dark.  Not anymore:-).  Things are a changin’…

It just so happens that this morning as I opened the drapes, I noticed some bright orangey-red hues on the horizon; indeed, the sun was rising.  By the time I drove into work, it was daylight and though the temperature was cold, the warmth of the sun glimmered on my face through the window–a most welcome feeling.  As I stopped at one of the few lights along my commute, I caught a glimpse of the bright wonder through the Center of an oddly divided tree.  It struck me immediately how perfectly placed the sun was at that moment in time.  It was as if the deciduous seedling was planted years prior with today’s view in mind.  Though not the best shot by any means, I was simply grateful to partake in Mother Nature’s divine and fleeting alignment.  My ‘roses’ moment for the day, if you will-may it inspire one for you:-).

Take a look…



House of Jiggles

Oh my!  I’m not sure what your reality is, but my husband and I seem to be surrounded by things that need a little ‘Jiggle or wiggle’ in order to work properly.  From a psychological standpoint, I guess I could explain it in that these things must, in some way, be a reflection of each of us who just happen to have a tendency to be a bit stubborn if pushed.  So, I suppose that we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that our world consists of obstinate objects which require some ‘sweet talking’ in return.  Let me give you some for instances and see if any of them resonate with you as well.  If so, it’s okay…I promise that I’ll keep the psych analysis out of it;-). Read More…

Lobsters in the Desert?

Okay, so maybe not so likely since lobsters seem to prefer ocean floors, but this morning, I came across a very interesting video clip about lobsters of all things that I wanted to share as I like the analogy given; hence, the title is my lame attempt at connecting it to the word, Arid.  For the record, I personally don’t care for lobster, though I understand that many people consider it a seafood delicacy enjoyed on special occasions.  I find the white ‘meat’ rather tasteless, whereas king crab (especially when pre-split for easy eating) is a different story–delicious!  While I could go on about how yummy fresh crab legs are and how graceless I am at actually digging out the long, scrumptious, moist tendrils (definitely NOT first date kind of eats), that is not what I have intended for this post. Read More…

Blankets and Bobby Pins


Boredom + Creativity = Bobby Pin Caterpillar (sans legs)

While the above-pictured duo is an unlikely combination, I chose it for today’s Photo Challenge for exactly that reason; the result is/was unique.  Here’s the back story, in case you are interested….

Table-side, at home, I always have a bobby pin handy to help tame my seemingly ever-evolving, out of control cowlick.  One night, while watching TV with my husband, I inadvertently placed one of my infamous pins on my blanket et voilà…this little guy was ‘born’.  Proud of my effortless creation, I couldn’t help but capture its fuzzy essence before my drooping bangs reclaimed the pin.  I felt bad about letting my newfound caterpillar ‘die out’, so to speak,  but those sporting cowlicks front and centre (with a widow’s peak, to boot) surely have empathy for my sticky situation.  He sure was cute, though:-).

A Good Match

Motherhood; a Choice

There was a time (not so long ago) when, for most women, getting married and having  children was their ultimate goal in life.  While we recognize nowadays that the definition of ‘family’ is as varied and different as ever, the topic of whether a woman chooses to have a Baby or not remains controversial and one in which others seem to feel they have the right to weigh in on.  There are some feminists who believe that succumbing to marriage and children perpetuates the idea that women are submissive and even oppressed.  Then, there are the more ‘old-fashioned’ (sometimes bourne out of religious/cultural beliefs) people who feel that a woman’s sole purpose in life to bear children and that if able to, she should have babies (perhaps even as many babies, as her body will allow.).  Indeed, there is a wide spectrum of thoughts around motherhood, as with many other things and as human beings, it is normal to try to find our place along the continuum. Read More…


My personal escape,

My private getaway,

Where I can collect my thoughts,

And get back to the real me,

It’s anywhere and everywhere,

I carry it about so freely,

My very own Hideout,

Made clearly just for me,

Dig deep, breathe slow,

Eyes shut, body still,

Present mind,

Corpse pose.

Beyond The Glitter

Beyond the Glitter and glam,

Exists a facade so utterly fake,

It’s really hard to understand,

How good of a life it does not make.

They are laughing and smiling,

And all appears well,

But what’s underneath is surely a living hell.

No notice of people or things,

Other than one’s self,

How empty can it be,

To live life perched higher than the highest shelf.

To look down is awful lonely,

To look up is beyond one’s reach,

When stripped down to the barest level,

It’s just too unbearable to beseech.

Guess they’ll just go on through the motions,

Lacking in true emotions,

It’s not up to me to decide,

What fate it is that each will ride.


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