Romantic Winter Wedding


Last weekend, my husband and I attended the wedding of one of my colleagues.  In addition to it having been awhile since I’ve gone to a wedding, I can’t say as though I’ve ever attended a true winter wedding–our own in December doesn’t really count in that it was on a beach in Hawaii–not exactly the crisp, winter feel that was in the outside air this past Saturday.  The venue was somewhat in the middle of nowhere toward the outskirts of the city, and it was certainly not your typical church, hall, or community centre setting.  And, for that reason, the space selected was most intriguing.  Not surprisingly given the name, the building that we arrived at had a pronounced industrial feel on the outside.  Once on the inside, however, one of the corners of the room had been transformed into a very quaint, romantic ceremonial space.  Simple brickwork and open beam structures on the ceiling, with a wood-burning fireplace front and centre, lent itself well to simple decor of lit candles, wooden crates and barrels.  The result?  A warm, intimate Ambience perfect for guests and the wedding party alike.  Inside the venue, you knew that you were in the presence of something special about to transpire, and we felt fortunate to bear witness to the couple’s sacred wedding vows.  While the wind and temperatures chilled to the bone outside, all was forgotten about on the inside as hearts were clearly touched in watching the beautiful bride and groom become wife and husband in this quintessentially picturesque, yet unconventional locale.  Ironically, as the bridal party signed off on the official marriage certificate, the song that my husband and I had requested (as was required on our RSVP), “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, played in the background reminding us of our very own Hawaiian ceremony just a few years prior.  Undoubtedly, this iconic Canadian, mid-winter wedding (freshly falling snow, bitter cold and wind) with its starkly contrasted warm, cozy indoor atmosphere, left us feeling inspired, grateful and hopeful as beautiful, lasting memories were created–our most sincere congratulations to the newlyweds:-).  


4 thoughts on “Romantic Winter Wedding

  1. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise

    That made me tingle all over, I would have loved that. Its funny but I tried my wedding dress on only this morning, Ive lost a couple of stone since i wore it so it is a little bit big. I walked behind John and said what do you think to this? He loves it and I said I want to get married all over again out of the three weddings Ive had ours was the best ever!!! haha

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