The Power Within (Or A Good Ol’ Fashioned Kick in the Pants)

Was there a Specific turning point in your life?  Or more likely, when was it or better yet, when were they?  Probably like many of you, I can think of a few things that have happened that have changed the course of life for me.  Not surprisingly, they were as a result of choices that I’d made when I finally had enough of either maintaining, or struggling to maintain, the status quo.

One of the most memorable and life-changing times for me was in confronting my ongoing anxiety/panic issues.  After much personal reading, attending courses, practicing yoga, monitoring my diet/exercise routine, *I decided (*two key words that are necessary for change to take place) that I wasn’t going to succumb to its every whim anymore.  So, during the last of one of my many attacks while driving, I pulled over onto the side of the freeway instead of trying to fight it (“Feel the fear and do it anyway”) and I gave it ‘a talking to’.  “Alright, you want to come. Come on, then–let’s get it over with.  I’ve got places to go and people to see.”.  And, that was that after all of those years!  Honestly.  Sure, I’ve had the odd episode of panic here or there, usually when I’m not looking after myself as well as I should, but it doesn’t control me the way it used to at all.  Looking back, I have always had anxious tendencies, even as a kid, but now I understand that it is because I am a highly sensitive person (including being sensitive to others’ energy around me).  Notice here that I did not define myself as an anxious person, because I will not let it define me–another fundamental attitude in helping change to come about. In other words, sometimes we just have to give the things that we think ‘plague’ us (which ultimately are a result of our own choices) a good ol’ fashioned kick in the pants!  You see, I chose to see myself in a different light and it worked!  I was no longer its victim, or its deliverer.  “Wrong person here, sorry.  You’ll just have to go somewhere else!!!”.

The other major game-changer for me was when I decided to take down the proverbial wall that I’d been living and hiding behind most of my life–you know, the one that was going to protect me from ever being hurt again.  Yah, that one.  Some of you might also know that wall.  Maybe you’ve seen it or even lived with it too?  Ummm…the problem with that wall was that it was protecting me too much; I wasn’t really living or loving at all.  I wouldn’t let myself.  Man, does that ever get old fast?!  (Well actually, there was nothing ‘fast’ about how long it took me to realize that, but anyway…).  Then, one day, after doing some reading in the book, Women, Food and God, (ironically, I swear that I will never forget that title, as it seemed to be the catalyst) I thought, “What in the H. am I doing?  I am sick and tired of this never letting anyone in business or for that matter, even letting myself out.  ENOUGH!  That’s it!!  I am done.”.  And within that self-talk, I realized that my issue of trust in others was really an issue of trust within myself.  Talk about an eye-opener!!!!!  So much so, that I met my husband within days of that profound realization.  Days!  Not months or years, like the ones that had passed, but days, people.  Hmmm… The power of choice within.  Try it, I dare say that you’ll like it and yield results.  Or maybe you have?  I’d be happy to hear how it goes and/or how it went:-).   Cheers to living life fully!






8 thoughts on “The Power Within (Or A Good Ol’ Fashioned Kick in the Pants)

    1. The funny part is that I read approximately the first half of the book which had clearly resonated with me-had that little talk with myself-and then never ever felt the need to read the rest. Weird, but wonderful. It’s like the first part served its purpose for me and that was that. I hope you enjoyed it!

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