In Love…With Kona Coffee


This coffee plantation located on the Big Island of Hawaii grows, harvests, and roasts, by far, the best coffee beans that I have ever tasted.  No.  Word.  Of.  A.  Lie.  While vacationing there this past summer, we decided to try out some authentic Kona java, and we, myself especially, fell in love.  All of the rave reviews that the Hula Daddy Company had received were worthy and then some.  Truthfully, until that very visit, we had no idea what all of the buzz about Kona coffee was, having consumed mostly blends at local shops and restaurants.  Sure, the taste was okay and we’d even purchased a bag or two to take home in past visits, but nothing, NOTHING was comparable to the freshly roasted grounds that we purchased from Hula Daddy.  After happily indulging in some taste-testing at the plantation, we settled on this exquisite package of Kona Sweet, one of their many award-winning coffees–this one having scored a rating of 97 points out of 100 (which didn’t mean a whole lot to us as layman connoisseurs, just that it seemed very popular).  Hmmm…I can easily smell and taste the scrumptious aromas/flavours of nut, apple and chocolate, having just had some yesterday morning.  


Little did I know that this one-pound bag would be the beginning of my love affair with 100% pure Kona coffee.  I will say that it doesn’t come cheap, especially with our Canadian exchange rate and shipping (I just recently ordered another bag), but it is one of my few, true indulgences in life aside from travelling itself.  Should you ever find yourself on the Big Island, be sure to make a trip up to this mountainside goldmine (of java, that is), and tell Karen, one of the owners, that Sue from Canada sent you;-).



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