Darkness No More, I Can Feel It


Gone are the shorter days of winter,

Daylight hours are beginning to stretch,

I can already feel the warmth of spring coming,

Maybe that sounds a bit hopeful to some,

But I am okay with that as a New Year dawns,

Because new lends itself well to thoughts where,

All things are fresh, different, and optimistic:-).

~Happy 2017 Dear WordPress Friends~





12 thoughts on “Darkness No More, I Can Feel It

    1. Sorry to hear that it’s been a challenging season for you–what parts are you from, if you don’t mind my asking? The snow came early for us in Western Canada, and we’ve had a couple of weeks of the bitter cold since, but we’ve certainly had much worse. I’m just happy to see daylight ascending–a sunny day like today helps and holds promise:-).

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      1. Oh, that’s funny! I’m originally from Vancouver BC and I’m watching my family get hit by the worst snow since ’96! I’m currently in a mountain town in Idaho (whose weather seems to always mirror what’s happening in Vancouver) and it’s about the same. Everyone says they haven’t seen snow like this in well over a decade.

        I definitely agree with you about the sunny day! Spring is starting to wake up–hopefully!

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