To Purge or Not to Purge…

Tell me how it is that we end up collecting and having to organize so much stuff?!  I mean, honestly.  We amalgamated our two households when we married and moved out to the country a few years ago, during which time I thought that we managed to get rid of A LOT of things (quite a process, I must say).  Yet somehow, every time I turn around, there is a closet that is jam-packed once again, a basement shelf that is cluttered, an array of papers on our den desk, a growing pile in our garage, and the list goes on.  The worst part is that it is just the two of us, which means that if my husband isn’t responsible for the accumulation of things, I am!  Our outside cat certainly can’t take the blame (though it’s tempting to say that she has some involvement; afterall, it is ‘paws’ible, isn’t it?;-).   I don’t know how you folks with children manage to get anything more accomplished than dishes and laundry, which are a challenge in and of themselves around here.

Today, I spent the majority of the day organizing bits here and there and yet to look at the Interior of this place, you’d never know it.  Now, I don’t want to paint a picture in your head of pure chaos or hoarding or anything like that, as we tend to be relatively tidy people, but it continues to astound me as to how much time needs to be invested to maintain some semblance of order to things, which we both like.  And, after a big holiday such as Christmas, it feels like we’ll never be finished putting things away, let alone the keeping of day-to-day items.  Of course, it will all come together slowly, and post-holiday is a good time to undertake such jobs of purging and organizing, or so the plethora of storage containers in the stores at present seem to tell us, anyway.  I’ve already made one trip to donate a few smaller items, and now I have two more bags to send along with more to come when all is said and done, I’m sure.  Though it can be a lot of work and time invested, I will admit that it is a good feeling to give away what is no longer needed to someone who might be in need of while getting organized at the same time.

Each time that I decide to purge, I seem to get a little bit better about parting with things, though sometimes emotional attachments get in the way, as do the ideas that something is ‘still perfectly good’, or that ‘maybe I’ll/we’ll need or use it again’.  (My mother-in-law and I were just discussing this very notion at Christmas.)  If you are like me, of course, there are always those few times when you finally gain the courage to part with something only to discover a short while later (and it’s usually within days) that you could have used it after all and/or that you should have kept it leaving you to make a trip to the store to replace the said item (often at a higher cost…go figure!).  And because of instances like that, it leaves us second guessing the next go-round, doesn’t it?!  All-in-all however, I think that I manage to do alright in my choices with respect to what I need to get rid of vs. what I should keep–you know, the whole ‘if I haven’t used it in the last year or two, then it mustn’t be very necessary’ thing.  Another saying that has come in handy is the one wherein every time you bring in something new, you get out with the old.  I’ve certainly made use of that little trick, especially when buying clothes, shoes or purses, which we women tend to like to do:-).

Speaking of which, do you have any tips that have helped you to achieve a neater, less-crowded space?   Any stories of something that you parted with that you shouldn’t have or later regretted?  Or vice versa, where you forgot that you actually already owned something, went out and bought it, then a little while later found out that you already owned one of whatever it is/was.  My husband can definitely vouch for the latter, simply because of his fading memory more than anything.  Well that, or the fact that he is just so organized in putting ‘it’ away in a safe place that even he can’t find it;-0).  I know that I am guilty of that myself.  Keys, anyone?!

2 thoughts on “To Purge or Not to Purge…

  1. Hélène/Mother Willow

    Getting rid of things that no longer serve us (internally – self- within) or de-cluttering physical surroundings is one of the same to me. I find that cleaning and getting rid of my stuff crowding my closets set me free in all aspects of my being. A neat, orderly and clear surrounding seems to bring calm around me.
    Each time we moved it was to a smaller home, which aided in de-cluttering…hehehe. Now we live in yet a smaller place with very little closet space….freedom it is….we have no room to store what we don’t use or need yet I do find little holes here and there to do so….attachments to our stuff….urgh.

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    1. I agree 100%, that our stuff and space is a reflection of ourselves within:-). Smart to downsize…each move that we make helps us with that process without a doubt. Thanks for sharing.

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