The Canadian Rocky Mountains


The Canadian Rockies range in age of up to 350 million years old–now that’s Resilient!  Over time, they continue to stand strong and tall attracting millions of visitors each and every year.  Despite being climbed on, built upon, blasted, photographed, and constantly exposed to the elements (including many a forest fire), they still offer themselves up to all who wish to partake in their majestic beauty.  We are certainly guilty of some of the aforementioned, as my family has made an annual tradition of escaping to the infamous Western Mountain range since I was in diapers.  I can’t speak of what it is exactly that is so intoxicating about being in the Rockies, but we have relied on them for decades as a place of refuge, camaraderie and relaxation.  Within their grasp, you cannot help but feel younger, fresher, cleaner, and at one with nature, whether you plan to or not–it just happens like magic, really.  With the New Year coming, I look forward to booking our stay once again knowing that the tried and true feeling and appreciation that we gain from being in amongst the age-old, familiar rock formations will come to fruition for yet another time.


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