Don’t Perpetuate the Cycle

The holiday season is almost over for another year, which means that it is back to work for most of us–if not already, soon.  It’s hard not to Mope about with this coveted time off having come and gone so quickly, each year passing progressively moreso, it seems.  Add to that one’s reflection on their last year’s New Year’s resolutions, and perhaps there is even more reason to feel unmotivated going forward.  So, why do we perpetuate the cycle?  Gluttons for punishment, maybe?!

I don’t know about you, but I stopped making resolutions a looong time ago!  First off, why wait for a new calendar year to begin making changes?  A year is a substantial amount of time where in a lot of things can happen and each day that presents itself is a new opportunity for us to act–act the same, act differently, act indifferently–it really is up to us.  Secondly, declaring lofty goals as we tend to do at New Year’s, usually just sets us up for failure.  Instead, I have found that making smaller changes under more realistic umbrellas are not only way more doable, but also more enjoyable, maintainable and profitable all the way around.  How many times do people, women especially, set goals around losing weight, for example, only to feel defeated for the umpteenth time as one day turns to the next and the scale remains the same or worse yet, goes up!!!!  (Yup, that’s happened to me.)  Not motivating one bit is it, particularly when year after year, you find yourself setting the same, unrealistic target.  We all know it’s not the way to go yet, we somehow find ourselves on the same merry-go-round, time and again.  Using my example of weight loss, why not decide to drink more water to hydrate your body, exercise for better mental acuity or eat more protein to feel more energized, and should you shed a few pounds in the process, then that’s a bonus.  Different approach, more attainable results, and for a greater purpose than simply changing the number on a scale.  Thirdly, there’s something phony to me about suddenly ‘announcing’ to the world on January 1st what you will and won’t do.  It feels more like a sense of obligation for other’s sake than for our own, and we all know how it turns out when we try to people please versus being true to ourselves.

So, as Christmas holidays come to a close and the calendar turns anew, embrace all of the possibilities that lie ahead for the taking.  Feel free to mope for a bit if you must (keep it to the 48-hour rule), but think about how you can recreate a ‘holiday-like’ experience for yourself in some other way on a more consistent basis, and I dare say that you will notice a difference in your overall outlook on things.  Try treating your body better, planning a date night, taking a risk, enjoying sunrise/set, keeping in mind that each day is a choice and that living is in the here and now, not the then and when.  Cheers:-).


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