Honour Yourself

Retreat can be wherever and whatever you make it…it can be as simple as locking yourself behind a closed-door for a long, luxurious bubble bath and/or nap (both is better, if you can swing it;-), or it can be as extravagant as an actual spa weekend or a planned vacation away.  Regardless, it’s often thought of as a time-out from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life.  There are such things as working retreats, though that’s not my personal idea or vision of a true retreat.

I do know that at this time of year especially, when things can get really hectic, any time away from it all is welcomed by most.  Whether it’s a few quiet minutes to sip on a freshly brewed cup of coffee (without interruption) or a couple of days at the cottage (or something equivalent), it’s amazing what a few minutes, hours or days to oneself can do for one’s psyche and I highly recommend it!  The whole ‘stop and smell the roses’ notion, I guess.  The older I get, the more I realize just how important it is to find refuge in the little things as the pace of life continues to march on around me; in fact it’s one of the reasons that I love to write–it’s me-time–time away with just my thoughts to carry me wherever it is that I want them to go.  Who can argue with that?

Of course, there are some folks who thrive off of busy schedules and cannot imagine life any other way, and to them, I give a hats-off.  It’s whatever ‘floats your boat’ as they say, as long as you are truly happy in mind, body and soul.  When all three are contented and connected, there is a sense of calm and peacefulness that settles in and a feeling of good all around.  As the New Year approaches, I challenge everyone to allow that feeling in–however you achieve that is up to you, but taking time to honour yourself and what’s important to you is sure to get you there.  Good tidings to you all:-).



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