Stop, Breathe and Envision

Long line-ups, the never-ending list of things to do, Dollar store tape that won’t work, a gift card not properly authorized, the burnt-out Christmas light in a string causing the others to fail, baked cookies that fall apart, a lost card in the mail, last-minute company–there is a lot that happens during this busy season that can be more than a bit Maddening, to say the least.  We try to keep our sanity, put on our pasty smiles and tell ourselves “this too shall pass”, but sometimes it gets to be a little much as we wearily try to meet the demands that we often place upon ourselves during the holidays, usually in an effort to please others.   In the back of our minds, we know that it is supposed to be a joyous occasion, where time spent with loved ones is what really matters, but it’s difficult to stay in that mindset when one or all of the above-mentioned items happen and you really just wish that it would all go away.  Chances are that we have all had that thought at least once before.  But, when all else fails, and you find yourself desperate to keep things in perspective, STOP, BREATHE FROM YOUR BELLY and THINK of the following situations which might just help to turn your mood around.  (It’s a trick that I like to use all year-long when I lose sight of what’s really important and find myself getting caught up in angst or anger over the little things.  I hope that it will help you if you find yourself in like circumstances as the coming days unfold…)

Think of a loved one whom has passed on who would gladly trade places with you, just to be here again-even if it meant waiting in line!

Think of someone who is terminally ill whose last holiday might just be this one…what would be important to them?  Cookies that have fallen apart?  Tape that won’t work?  I highly doubt it.

Think of an elderly person, not of sound mind or body, aimlessly staring out the window of their nursing home room (if they are lucky to have one); their spirit has been broken, their family perhaps non-existent and their world has become small, cold and lonely.  Wouldn’t they just love to have last-minute company, that stayed forever, even if they couldn’t recognize who they were?

Think of a young child or baby, whose reality is one of tubes, medicine and treatments–maybe they will live, maybe they won’t.  Wouldn’t they rather be in the comfort of their home, feeling healthy, even if the string of lights isn’t lit?

Though sad to think of, when feeling overwhelmed or out of sorts, I find that envisioning one or more of the scenarios that I just mentioned sets me straight each and every time.  Thoughts and prayers to those who find themselves in these situations for real!




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