Mystical Time of the Year


Isn’t there something Mystical about this time of the year?  Perhaps, it is because of traditions passed along and stories told, but at Christmas for those of us who celebrate, it seems that everything that would otherwise appear average everyday becomes simply extraordinary.  Trees, cookies, lights, deer, plump guys with white beards–all magically connotated and adored as the twenty-fifth of December approaches, and yet once the day itself comes and goes, each slowly fades into the background resuming its usual lot in life.  Fascinating in many regards and yet a product of our own imaginations and/or religious beliefs depending on who we are and where we are from.  Watch the face of a child light up upon encountering any of the above-mentioned items, and you cannot mistake the power that the impending season holds over these otherwise ordinary things.

Just today in fact, as my husband and I were decorating our tree earlier, I commented on how a plain, old pine tree (fake nonetheless) was completely transformed in personality with a few gentle wraps of gold ribbon, strings of bright lights and some childhood adornments. In a matter of an hour, something that was once unremarkable and found aplenty in our neck of the woods, became a lit wonder to stare at and reminisce over.  And, if still reading this, I am guessing that you will agree that NOTHING beats turning off all of the other house lights, hunkering down in a warm, cozy chair with loved ones (maybe even with a beverage of choice;-), and admiring the soft glow of carefully strung Christmas tree lights shimmering the night away.  If that’s not magical in a sense, I am not sure what is.  For us, it is a revered tradition and how we spend many a night leading up to and during the holidays.  A simple, yet soulful experience–maybe that’s the magic?

I am grateful for all of the symbolic qualities associated with the Yuletide season.  I truly am.  In addition to providing some mid-winter refuge, I think that one of the things that I like most about this time of the year is that it gives me a chance to somewhat escape my middle-aged life and responsibilities and, for a brief period of time, be transported back to my childhood wherein everything seemed more magical, more innocent, more believable, more attainable, more….dreamy.  You know what I mean?  Sure, it is a busy holiday for most, even hectic depending on what you have all committed to (not to mention that it has become more commercialized than ever!), but if you can manage to set aside the busyness and get back to the heart of it, it is a very special occasion best shared, celebrated, and admired with friends and loved ones because of its mystical effect.


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