Fire and Water

Well, I am not sure about you fine folks, and though it’s a paradox of sorts in that both can be very destructive elements, I find each fire and water to be very Relaxing (under the right circumstances, of course).

Summer or winter, I can easily sit myself in front of a campfire (as pictured below) or fireplace and be mesmerized by its flames and beauty for hours, just as I am right now in watching the Shaw Fire Log on TV.  The light crackling sounds of the wood burning, the red-hot, dancing embers, the fancy spark patterns and the resulting warmth (even if not felt through a screen) emits a sense of homey comfort from within.  A soul comfort, I guess.


With respect to water, there is just something about its soothing sound, whether it be a trickling stream in the background or sizable waves crashing themselves against rocks right in front of us that is most calming despite the fact that you wouldn’t catch me standing in more than two feet of it!  When we travel, one of the things that we strive to do is situate ourselves in plain sight of whichever ocean or lake that we have chosen to visit, so that we can partake in its powerful hold, yet tranquil effect.  Now, call us crazy, but it just so happens that the many islands of the beautiful Hawaii offer such a scene–hence our love for vacationing there, as shown below:-).



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