I’m Standing on the Precipice

A Climate Change Concept Image

I’m standing on the precipice,

Wondering which way I should go,

Will I make the right decision?

How is it that I will know?

Left, right-right, left, I really am not sure,

My indecisiveness is what keeps me standing here.

What if I take a leap of faith?

And it turns out not to be right,

Can I trust myself to handle it?

Or, will I be led by my apparent fright?

I know that I cannot stay here with such inner strife,

‘Cuz living in this Liminal state isn’t truly living life.

I tell myself to forge ahead, there’s no turning back,

‘Why is it that I am really holding onto this ledge?’

Is it to hide my own greatness, even from me?

So I take a chance and move one step closer to the edge,

“What’s the worst that can happen?” the saying rings,

The worst is that I will have figured out a few more things.

Those which work, maybe those which don’t,

But with each realization comes a move toward,

The strength, the freedoms, the character who is me,

Another lesson learned?  Now, that’s a chance I can afford,

I want to be who I am because of MY choices,

Not because of others’ expectations or loud, coaxing voices,

And, most certainly NOT as a result of my very own fears!

I’m standing on the precipice…the view is breath-taking to see,

So many possibilities awaiting the person who is about to be me:-)




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