Shortbread, Of Course

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…


….Shortbread Cookies:-).

My whole lifelong, I would say that these delicious, buttery, little melt-in-your-mouth delights have been the one staple that really hasn’t changed for us as a must-have Christmas tradition.  Ever since I can remember, there have always been a tin of these around–usually many, in fact, as each batch that was baked just seemed to up and disappear, if you know what I mean;-).

Everyone has their own way of baking them of course, and we fancied the whipped kind with either coloured sugar, as shown, or with quartered candied cherries pressed into the tops.  My mom used to make them all pretty-like by piping them through a decorator’s bag, but I have resorted to the simple drop version, which are just as yummy and a lot less time.  (Bless my mom’s soul and seemingly endless bounds of energy to do all that she did at the very same age that I am now.  Crazy to think of, really.)

Over time, whether Christmas has been spent at home or afar (the latter in more recent years), shortbread has always been in the picture even when the scene itself has varied from the northerly cold and snow to the southerly hot and beachy.  Luckily, I am not one bit discriminatory when it comes to where I can eat these all-time favourite cookies.  It really doesn’t matter to me whether I’m overlooking the vast, ocean waters or I am all cozied up in my recliner/rocker avoiding the frosty air, they taste delightful either way.


9 thoughts on “Shortbread, Of Course

  1. Those are beautiful cookies.

    I also like to make shortbread cookies for Christmas. I follow a very simple and basic recipe where you mix all the stuff together, dump it all on a cookie sheet, pat it into a relatively flat mound. Then, once it’s all cooked, slice it into small squares with a pizza cutter. The recipe I follow is so basic you can toss almost anything (of a cookie ingredient nature) into it and it will come out fine. It doesn’t look a thing like real shortbread, but it’s awesome. 😀

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