“No More….”

Ten years ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity to partake in all of the Black Friday sales had they have existed back then, as living in Canada it’s only a recent notion that has caught on from down south.  (Of course, local retailers cannot resist the opportunity to capitalize off of the grand marketing scheme but, I digress….). Yes, I guess it would be fair to say that my affinity for shopping has been lifelong.  And so, in my 30’s, I would have been up at the crack of dawn (which for me is always a notable feat) and I would have had my route and wish list of items all planned out.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE a good deal–I think it’s in my blood, as my mom is the same way, but time has a way of changing things.

Clothes, groceries, knick-knacks, housewares, gifts–you name it, I will, and have, gladly shopped for it all.  But, just over a decade ago, I reduced my work schedule to four days a week for a greater life-work balance and that meant less ‘free’ money to spend on ‘things’.  At first, I will admit that it was a bit of an adjustment in not having as much cash to ‘play around with’ so to speak, however it didn’t take long for me to realize that I really wasn’t missing out on any one thing.  Sure, I had less new outfits to choose from, but I also had one less day that I needed to dress for, which was kinda nice.  Before I knew it, I was making less trips to my favourite stores, and yet my sense of personal satisfaction was greater than it had ever been before, which only meant one thing–I didn’t NEED all of those things to make me happy.  I mean, they were nice to have and I sure enjoyed buying them, but many of them were not only unnecessary in the overall scheme of life, they were not self-defining.  Going forward, I didn’t deprive myself of things that I really wanted or needed, and I continued to shop around for the best deals, same as I had before (paying full price is a pure atrocity!!), but not having the same paycheque to ‘throw around’ made me think through my purchases a lot more carefully.  And, you know what?!  I got by just fine, and I still am getting by just fine.  I dare say that I am even better off than I used to be because of my lesser pay.  (Did I just type that?  Gee, I guess so….).  What I am really saying is that it helped me to realize what is really important in life and having more stuff ain’t it!!!

With the impending holidays wherein Sated is likely a common word to describe all of the excesses–food and gifts, especially, I am reminded of what really matters.  Spending time with loved ones, sharing in a few laughs and enjoying each other’s company.  And, for my husband and I, who love to travel, pooling our funds toward our next vacation is always a priority in place of buying presents for each other.  We’d rather spend our money on creating memories and experiencing life together, as opposed to having more new clothes or trinkets.  Indeed, I will take sated in love and happiness over anything else.  How about you?



3 thoughts on ““No More….”

  1. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise

    This is so true, I came to that opinion years ago. Material things mean very little to me. Money brings choices, which is good, but my happiest times have been when I have had to budget because it is then when you appreciate what you have or what you get. 😉

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