Easy, Peasy Butter Tarts

Well, I wish that I could take credit for being the mastermind behind this super yummy and easy butter tart recipe, but I cannot;-(.  Thanks to the December Chatelaine issue from 2006 (the bottom of the recipe page says so), I came across this wonderfully simple, all-time favourite Tart recipe on an ad page (ads in magazines?  gee, you don’t say…;-) for good ol’ Becel margarine.  And, I must tell you that it is not only a keeper, but certainly one worth sharing, especially at this time of the year when you might be looking for a tasty dessert that takes little time.  Plus, Christmastime and butter tarts go hand-in-hand, don’t they?!

(Note well:  In case of butter tart emergency, feel free to skip over my blah-blah-blah bit below and head straight to the recipe pictured.  Consider pre-made shells.  Bake and enjoy!!)

For those of you who are still with me–anyone?!–the first time I made the buttery tartlets, it was with two of my friends during our annual Christmas cookie baking day, as referenced in one of my previous posts.  We braved making the actual pastry dough as explained below, which is definitely more time-consuming, but we soon realized that we could yield equally scrumptious results with the pre-made shells (must be Tenderflake though, no No-name brands on this one…just my opinion, of course).  Being that we were tripling the batch, our baking went a whole heckuva lot faster with just having to prepare the delectably, distinctive brown sugar and syrupy filling.  And, trust me, you will likely want to triple this beauty regardless, as the ten tarts that the single recipe makes is NOWHERE near enough–just ask my husband!  We love the tarts with raisins, (tip-plump them up first in a bowl of water for a few minutes), as mentioned on the Becel page, but feel free to leave them out if raisins don’t do it for you; let’s face it, you either love the little dried-up grape guys or you hate ’em.  My mom also used to put walnut pieces in hers, which are really good and worth consideration barring any nut allergies, of course.

Without further ado, here is the golden, buttery recipe, followed by my own batch made and enjoyed a couple of weeks ago:-).  Irrestible to all!  Guaranteed.

Would love to hear from you, if this one makes it onto your baking list.  Hopefully, it becomes a quick, go-to dessert staple for you, too:-).  Oh, and keep a napkin or plate handy when eating them to catch all of the tender golden flakes-can’t waste those!)


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    1. Well, slim might be a bit of a stretch…but, I do love baking! Very little is home-made these days, and I feel like that’s one thing I can do. I do NOT like cooking, on the other hand.

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