Chocolate Kisses


These Tiny morsels of chocolatey goodness are a must in our household!  No matter the time of year-winter, spring, summer or fall.  They satisfy a sweet tooth in a heartbeat, without requiring a strenuous workout session to burn them off.  Nowadays, they come in many mouth-watering flavours–mint, cookies ‘n cream, almond, caramel, candy cane–you name it, they probably make it, but my personal, all-time favourite is the plain ol’ chocolate ones.

Instructions:  Rip off the silver wrap and ‘Kisses’ paper (notice that I didn’t say carefully peel;-), place gently on your tongue, close your mouth (and eyes, if you wish), sit back and let all of that cocoa bean sweetness (and sugar…ah well, you can’t win ’em all) melt the day’s stresses away.   Go ahead.  You deserve it:-).


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