Holiday Blues

Subdued is a good way to describe our mood,

As the last of our booked holidays for this calendar year conclude.

Our love for travel waivers not,

Even though the temperatures back home are far from hot.

The anticipation, the lead-up to vacation time is gone,

A realization that kicked in at the crack of dawn:-(.

Lucky we are to have been here and there,

Packing our many sundries and, of course, clean underwear.

New memories made, pictures worth saving and food aplenty,

All costing more than Andrew Jackson’s paper twenty.

Maybe it’s just as well that it has all come to an end,

For our dear pocketbooks and sore tootsies need some time to mend.

Until next year, when we will hopefully do it all over again,

I bid my suitcase farewell, and decide to start saving money for then.


5 thoughts on “Holiday Blues

    1. Yes, I am looking forward to Christmas. It will be some very treasured family time for sure. Normally, we go away, but this year we thought it best to stay around home. Sometimes the best of holidays are spent right here:-). Besides which, we have done more than our fair share of travelling and camping this year…who am I to complain about that?

      When do you go in for your procedure, by the way?

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