Valuing Others, Hoping To Make A Difference


I’ve always had an interest in helping others.  I seem to live, eat and breathe it and have ever since I can remember.  One of the reasons that I began blogging, aside from enjoying writing, was to be able to share in my life experiences and the experiences of others.  If what I have to say or what I have been through can help someone else, even if in a small way, then I’m all in.  There is no doubt in my mind that my purpose and passion in life goes beyond the person who is me.  Yesterday, a fellow blogger suggested that I write about those things of which I am good at, and so I will. (This one’s for you, Elaine;-).  For me, as for most, it’s always easier to write about my challenges or musings rather than my strengths, but I am also not one to pass up a suggestion.  And so, here it goes…

One of the things that I think that I am good at doing is encouraging people to Value themselves for who they are, the way they are.  In this life, it seems that there are far too many of us who underestimate our own worth, and I would like to change that.  We are all worthy, we all matter, and we are all greater and more powerful than we often give ourselves credit for.  If I can help someone to see and be a better version of themselves in sharing a thought, posing a deeper question or challenging one of their limiting beliefs, then I feel as though I have succeeded, though success is not what I am after per se.  My goal is not to change someone’s experiences or journey, or to convince or persuade them to be someone that they are not, rather it is to give them another way of looking at or thinking about things, particularly if they feel ‘stuck’.  Sometimes, we feel as though we don’t have any choices, yet we always do.  We should never feel as though we have to settle for anything…life is too short for that!   I truly believe that even in knowing that we all face difficult times (as I have, as well as you I am sure) there is ‘a way out’ or at the very least, ‘a different way’.

Within myself, I value my sense of compassion and empathy toward others and I feel grateful for the sensitivity that I have to my own energy and the energy in the world around me.  I am one of the least judgemental people that you will ever meet, as I believe that it is always easier to view things from the outside looking in, rather than being the one on the inside looking out.  In other words, I try to see both sides of the coin and I think that is something that we could all benefit from doing.  Now, that’s not to say that I do not still judge; after all, I am human, but I really do what I can to look beyond the surface and put myself in others’ shoes whenever possible, however cliché that may sound.  Now, I may not necessarily agree with what someone says or does, but I usually have a pretty good understanding of WHY they do what they do and that kind of understanding is what helps us to connect with each other.  At the heart of people’s behaviour, I find that it usually comes back to wanting to be loved and accepted for who they really are.  No strings attached.  And, I know that only because I have been there myself, seen it in others and will most likely be there or see it again.  Why not be in this life ‘thing’ together and work in unison to figure it out, you know what I mean?

I am not an expert at anything, but I do value life, people and our human experiences.  If I can somehow be of value to someone else in return through my words or actions, then my greater purpose has been served.   Who can argue with that?  A giggle or two along the way doesn’t hurt either, and I can be pretty good at eliciting a few laughs, even if it’s at my own expense or on account of my goofy doings or famous ‘one-liners’; that is probably why, as a writer, I willingly share all of the aforementioned in my blogposts.  If, while doing my best to help others in this life, I can share in some laughter, I will embrace any opportunity that I get because laughter really, truly is one of the best medicines that I know of;-).




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