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Bridges of Understanding

I often wonder what the world would be like if we all looked at things and operated from a childhood perspective, which is usually one of non-judgement and simplicity.  It doesn’t take much to make a child happy at the heart of it all (love and attention, really) and if you have young children or spend time around them as I do, their innocence is intoxicating (and hilarious at times).  At some point though, in the growing up phase, things tend to change.  I’m not sure exactly when that is for most, but it seems to be happening sooner and sooner than one would hope, especially with all of the forms of media out there geared toward influencing our every thought and action.  While it’s good to be informed on a more global level, I think we may actually be in a phase of too much information and not enough human interaction.  We are always doing THINGS, rather than simply being and being with each other.   You know what I mean?   We are quickly losing sight of our human connections in lieu of being connected to our devices.  “Social” media is not social at all–not in terms of traditional definitions, anyway. Read More…


A Kitten or a Witch?


A trick or a treat for the eyes?  I’ll let you decide

Wish I could say that this little guy/gal was ours or, at the very least, an image that we had been first-hand privy to taking, but my husband sent it to me after coming across it on a social media site last fall.  I normally would not post something that is inauthentic for the weekly photo-challenge, but given the word Transmogrify, and with Halloween around the corner, I couldn’t resist.  Thank you to whomever shared this adorable image for the world to see; I know that each time I see it, it certainly brings a smile to my face, and my hope would be that it does the same for you:-).

Meow-y Halloween!



You Smile, I Smile


Smile, come on…you can do it, if you want,

Just Rearrange your frown and turn it upside down,

Ever in doubt?  Then, simply try it out!

imageHappy Weekend:-).



The Great Christmas Tree Debate

With snow on the ground and temperatures hovering around zero for the past couple of weeks now, the topic of Christmas trees is not necessarily untimely around these parts.  Once Halloween comes and goes, which it soon will, it will be full-blown Christmas season–music, decorations, baking, gift buying, Lifetime Channel movies–you name it.  I mean, trees have been up and lit in some local stores since the beginning of August and cartons of Egg Nog made their way into the dairy section around the beginning of October.  Thanks to our first snow day awhile back, I’ve already made our first batch of shortbread, now happily eaten, and succumbed to listening to some soft carolling music.  And, this very moment, my husband is at the local hardware store buying necessities for our snow fence and Christmas lights, which he plans to put up later today while the weather has warmed somewhat. Read More…

On A Wing and A Prayer


You are sitting on an airplane travelling to your next destination.  Your seat is in the first-class section.  The flight attendant hands you your hot towel and takes your drink order.  Your meal is on its way.  On the surface, it all seems good. Read More…

Uber Anyone?

I’m not sure about you, but when I first heard about the idea of ride sharing, I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing.  Complete strangers?  Riding in their cars?  Then, of course, came the realization that hailing a taxi is essentially the same thing, and that’s been going on since the dawn of time.  Maybe it’s just because where we live, Uber and Tapp Car are a relatively new concept and, like anything new, there is often suspicion.  Interestingly enough, the ride share programs here were suspended for a while until recent regulations regarding insurance, etc. were implemented allowing services to commence again.  Et voilà!  Here we are, wherein Uber, Tapp Car and Lyft are fast becoming common household names. Read More…

Holiday Blues

Subdued is a good way to describe our mood,

As the last of our booked holidays for this calendar year conclude.

Our love for travel waivers not,

Even though the temperatures back home are far from hot.

The anticipation, the lead-up to vacation time is gone,

A realization that kicked in at the crack of dawn:-(. Read More…

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