More Than Just Canning Peaches


Just a glimpse of these freshly canned peaches from a couple of weeks ago elicits a sense of comfort from within.

Growing up, my mom did it all.  At her age now, I have NO idea how she managed everything.  It is one of life’s wonders without a doubt.  She worked, attended evening classes, raised us three kids, gardened, canned and the list goes on.  One of my favourite back-to-school childhood memories is of coming home at the end of the day and finding the counter filled with freshly canned or baked goods.  The house always smelled so good and one could almost taste the results immediately.  Little did I know back then just how much work it all was.  Now that she and I have made a tradition of canning peaches together most falls, I have a sincere appreciation for the time and energy that was spent in an effort to give us a little taste of summer on those cold, wintry days.  Though my mom’s mom (my Baba) passed away while I was quite young, simply having the knowledge that she also spent many a day canning and gardening helps me to feel close to her.  Nothing takes the place of that.  Just thinking about it makes me smile from the inside out and sends a familiar feeling of fuzzy, peachy warmth right through the core of my very being.  In such a moment of time, nothing else matters in the world other than the fact that I am my mom’s daughter and my Baba’s granddaughter:-).  No wonder the saying, “I’m feeling peachy keen” exists.


12 thoughts on “More Than Just Canning Peaches

  1. Jaimie

    This one brought tears to my eyes. I feel the same way though I never did the canning with my Grandma I did sit and share a jar of peaches or pears or cherries every night I stayed with them overnight. I always feel this loving energy around me on canning days because I feel as if she is doing it with me. And I cherish the fact that my girls greet me with a “wow! Yummy!” when they get home on those canning days.

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    1. Awww…thanks, Jaimie! I think it’s super neat that each you and I enjoy doing such things, as canning and gardening. They bring about a certain sense of fellowship, earthly goodness and family, don’t they? Sharing the ‘fruits’ of one’s labour with a loved one in the way that you did with your grandma is proof:-). Thanks for your comment!


  2. My m-i-l canned the most delicious peaches and I did it with here for a few years. Unfortunately, I don’t have her recipe, although I could of course find one online or in a cookbook. Eating homemade food, especially canned or frozen and eaten later, is an event filled with tasty nostalgia. Perfect choice.


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    1. Thanks for reading! I think one would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy canned peaches and homemade goodies. Especially when they are made with so much love and to be shared.

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