Your Opinion, Please


Upon first sighting, you might think that I am going to open up the well-known butter versus margarine debate and ask you to weigh in on the matter to see whether or not we agree or disagree with each other.  And, that would be a most reasonable conclusion given the above picture.  While I would love to know which you use and why you think it’s better than the other (and please do comment, if you wish), that’s not really where I am going with this tonight.  Clearly, we are margarine users in our household (good ol’ Becel, the heart-friendly container–notice that I didn’t say that the product was necessarily heart healthy;-) though for the record as a person who loves to bake, certain goods MUST be made with butter, i.e. shortbread cookies.  Right?!?  Of course, now I am reminded of this familiar ‘baking with butter’ tongue twister, which you outta try just because:


However, as I said before, I am going to hold off on the famous spread discussion for now, anyway.  Instead, you might be wondering why it is that our margarine container is in the microwave.  Well, the fact is that I wondered the very same thing a few minutes ago until my husband kindly denied having anything to do with it, leaving me as the only other one to have put it there.  Hmmm.  Now, how would one explain that exactly?!  Then, it hit– the sudden recollection of how it came to be with my, ‘Oh, yah!….’.  And so my story goes:

 You see, I had left the microwave door open a few minutes prior to let it cool down after its very heated corn cooking session ended, and, I musta thought that the open door was that of the refrigerator.  Low and behold I put it in the microwave thinking that it was the fridge.  ‘Ah, okay.’  The ridiculous part is that when I walked past our microwave oven LITERALLY a couple of minutes later, I had NO knowledge of my having done that AT ALL.  Instead, I was thinking, ‘What is the margarine container doing in the microwave?  Why did Darren put it in there?’  (Always blame the other guy, eh?:-).  

What I would really like to know is, ‘Does this kind of thing happen to others, or is it just me?’  Because lately, I sure seem to be racking up my fair share of moments like this, wherein I am left to wonder, ‘Am I truly losing my mind?’.  Don’t get me wrong, we manage many a good chuckle as a result, but honestly….what the heck is going on here?  I used to be so spry and with it!   Really, I was.

So, I ask you…Is it my age?  The result of working too long of a day?  Multi-tasking gone wrong?   Not being ‘present’?  I am beginning to think that it’s a combination of all four things.  Would you agree or Disagree?




3 thoughts on “Your Opinion, Please

      1. Silly auto-correct. “You might be concerned of something else. ” As long as you don’t end up looking for a pen 30 min while still holding it, I guess you’re fine. Maybe you should try to create a new routine for an everyday action. 🙂

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