On The Hunt Again…


In pursuit of a mouse, a bird, a bug or a frog?

One never knows…

But, on the hunt she always goes!

A perfect farm cat who came unto us,

Lucky we are that she makes not a fuss.

A purr and a pet and a super warm bed,

Is all that she needs,

Happy to be a now family of three:-).



6 thoughts on “On The Hunt Again…

    1. Thanks for reading! And, though biased, we happen to think she’s a pretty neat cat. We are so lucky that she found us:-). Sixteen years is a long time to have such great company. I had my previous cat for that long as well. Have a great weekend!

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  2. We had our last two cats for about that same amount of time. We lost them to leukemia etc. in 2014 and by December 2015 we adopted three rescue kittens. Just three weeks ago we tried to clean up the alpha male in the sink like we did our old cats. Big mistake-these were feral cats and I had surgery on my hand during a hospital stay. Remember, especially undomesticated cats can react violently to water.
    Thanks, we had a cat long ago that looked a lot like yours pictured although from the top our loving Maine Coon.

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    1. Sorry about the loss of your previous two cats, though I’m sure the kittens (now cats) have lifted your spirits. I’ll keep in mind about the water…though, no cat I’ve ever had has liked it. Thanks for checking out this post!

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      1. True enough, cats and water don’t mix. I guess our other ones were better natured, they only voiced their concerns. They do lift our spirits in fact the one is pictured in Quest for life.

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