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Trust and Truth Tested

Testing out relationships is a very normal and necessary part of our experience.  It helps us to find our place in this life as well as to figure out just what we want out of it.

When I think back to some of my old relationships in my younger years, both love and friendship-wise, I am in awe of how naïve I really was and how much I lacked in confidence.  And, that’s okay.  I don’t say that in judgement of myself.  How could I?  After all, my experiences were limited back then and I was basing my decisions on that of which I knew, making the best choices that I could at the time–the same as everyone else.

The problem, however, is that I never really let anyone in.  You know what I mean?  I thought I was opening the door, but there was always something there (more like someone…me!) that stopped it from going all the way. Read More…


More Than Just Canning Peaches


Just a glimpse of these freshly canned peaches from a couple of weeks ago elicits a sense of comfort from within.

Growing up, my mom did it all.  At her age now, I have NO idea how she managed everything.  It is one of life’s wonders without a doubt.  She worked, attended evening classes, raised us three kids, gardened, canned and the list goes on.  One of my favourite back-to-school childhood memories is of coming home at the end of the day and finding the counter filled with freshly canned or baked goods.  The house always smelled so good and one could almost taste the results immediately.  Little did I know back then just how much work it all was.  Now that she and I have made a tradition of canning peaches together most falls, I have a sincere appreciation for the time and energy that was spent in an effort to give us a little taste of summer on those cold, wintry days.  Though my mom’s mom (my Baba) passed away while I was quite young, simply having the knowledge that she also spent many a day canning and gardening helps me to feel close to her.  Nothing takes the place of that.  Just thinking about it makes me smile from the inside out and sends a familiar feeling of fuzzy, peachy warmth right through the core of my very being.  In such a moment of time, nothing else matters in the world other than the fact that I am my mom’s daughter and my Baba’s granddaughter:-).  No wonder the saying, “I’m feeling peachy keen” exists.


Your Opinion, Please


Upon first sighting, you might think that I am going to open up the well-known butter versus margarine debate and ask you to weigh in on the matter to see whether or not we agree or disagree with each other.  And, that would be a most reasonable conclusion given the above picture.  While I would love to know which you use and why you think it’s better than the other (and please do comment, if you wish), that’s not really where I am going with this tonight.  Clearly, we are margarine users in our household (good ol’ Becel, the heart-friendly container–notice that I didn’t say that the product was necessarily heart healthy;-) though for the record as a person who loves to bake, certain goods MUST be made with butter, i.e. shortbread cookies.  Right?!?  Of course, now I am reminded of this familiar ‘baking with butter’ tongue twister, which you outta try just because:


However, as I said before, I am going to hold off on the famous spread discussion for now, anyway.  Instead, you might be wondering why it is that our margarine container is in the microwave.   Read More…

Words To Live By…

Oh gosh….this is just too darn funny!  For some odd reason, I managed to somehow hit the ‘publish’ button when all I had done thus far was to copy and paste today’s word prompt link.  Talk about taking the day’s word of ‘Unfinished ‘ literally.  Yikes!  I must admit that I am still laughing as I look at my WordPress site and see, “Words To Live By” with an empty page minus the word ‘unfinished’.  Nothing like leaving it to the reader’s imagination, huh?!? Read More…

Close Your Eyes…


Close your eyes and Pretend,

That the world is a safe, happy, fair place for ALL,

That money does not rule,

That power is frowned upon.

Now, what do you see?

How do you feel?

Do you recognize where you are?


Close your eyes and pretend,

That war does not exist,

That enemies are not created,

That money helps, not hinders.

Now, what do you see?

How do you feel?

Do you recognize where you are?


Close your eyes and pretend,

That your voice matters,

That you can make a difference,

That you always have a choice.

Now, what do you see?

How do you feel?

Do you recognize where you are?


Open your eyes.  Stop pretending.  Make it a reality.  Only YOU can.  Yes, you:-).







“From Panic To Power”

If you recognize my title, it’s likely that you have read or at least heard of the book from Lucinda Bassett called, From Panic to Power.  If not, and you are someone who has anxiety or knows someone who does (and most of us do given the statistics), this IS a MUST read!  It was a life and game changer for me, that’s for sure.  Well, that and a combination of a few other things, but the book really set things in motion.  And, yes, like many, I am indeed an anxiety/panic sufferer, though I am not sure that I care for the terminology of ‘sufferer’.  It insinuates weakness in my mind, and if you have been down the road that I speak of, you are anything BUT weak.  Trust me, even though it may not seem that way at the time.  The fact of the matter is that I believe just the opposite.  I think many of us who have been diagnosed with such afflictions are very strong individuals simply because of how in tune we are with ourselves, others and the world around us–maybe even to a fault?–not to mention all that we endure during such episodes of anxiousness.  ‘To make it through the other side’ is nothing less than miraculous, and unless you have been there, you cannot speak to it.  We all know the adage about not judging others without having been in their shoes, and I can tell you first-hand that those are good words to live by.  It is so very, very true. Read More…

On The Hunt Again…


In pursuit of a mouse, a bird, a bug or a frog?

One never knows…

But, on the hunt she always goes!

A perfect farm cat who came unto us,

Lucky we are that she makes not a fuss.

A purr and a pet and a super warm bed,

Is all that she needs,

Happy to be a now family of three:-).


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