My Top 20

Everyone has a list….a list of things that they are really good at.  Now, would you say that I am an Expert exactly?  No, as a field of expertise requires a bit more than simply liking something or being subjectively ‘good’ at it, but they are fun lists just the same.  Let’s take a look at mine, for example:

These are the things that I think that I do well:  (Key word being ‘I’.)

  1.  Adding the perfect amount of ‘Double Double’ Coffeemate creamer to my ‘Hula Daddy’ morning cup of java.
  2. Consuming chocolate in any form, including that which is frozen, refrigerated, room temperature or heated.  I am not biased one way or the other.  It’s ALL good to me!
  3. Fixing technical difficulties by turning the switch off, then on again.  (Though, for some reason, this one doesn’t always work.)
  4. Disinfecting the sink after raw meat or eggs has come into contact with it.  Within my disinfecting routine, NOTHING gets missed….very important!
  5. Shelling fresh garden peas, or ‘shucking’ them as my husband would say.  I can split open the pods in record time, with an everlasting green thumbnail serving as a proud badge afterward.  (Of course, you HAVE to eat some along the way.)
  6. Loading the dishwasher in such a fashion that any and all possible dishes fit in.  Afterall, it would be just plain silly to hand wash anything with a dishwasher present, wouldn’t it?!
  7. Stealing the covers.  No explanation needed.
  8. Watching re-runs of “Three’s Company”.  My all-time favourite show!!  (Love Jack-aka John Ritter.)  Even bought the channel that it’s on daily, despite the fact that I own all of the seasons on DVD.  Gotta watch it ‘authentically’-drives my husband wild, but he willingly goes along with it.
  9. Starting a campfire with one match.  Okay, so maybe a lot of newspaper and kindling go with it, but I am definitely a good girl to have in a cold environment.
  10. Making ribs in the oven.  Thanks to Jean Pare’s “Company Coming” recipe, they taste like they are barbecued and they are so tender.  Yum!
  11. Finding a good bargain.  If there is a deal to be had, I will find it.  And, if not advertised, I will ask.  ‘What’s the worst they can say?  No?!’  I have saved a LOT of money in simply asking…seriously!  Even my husband agrees that I am the “Wheeler and Dealer” of the family.  My father’s daughter through and through.
  12. Twirling my hair, regardless of its length.  Been practicing for forty some years, so I am really good at this one.  It’s just too bad that it doesn’t serve a greater purpose.  But, it is fun and a good stress reliever:-).
  13. Picking up on others’ energy.  I have always been good at this, though I didn’t know what to call it when I was younger.  (I should clarify that this is energy amongst the living…just in case you weren’t sure to which I was referring, as it would be a fair pondering in this day and age wherein all kinds of ‘mediums’ exist.)
  14. Coming up with ‘cheesy’ one-liners.  Yup, I’m the one in the crowd with the zingers, which often get booed.  I can’t help it, they just come to me naturally.  I didn’t say that they were funny necessarily, just cheesy.
  15. Taking uneven pictures of the horizon.  Yes, even with the stupid grid turned on, I CANNOT! follow the line.  Maybe that’s why I always had trouble using a ruler in school too?!
  16. Putting off housework.  Plain and simple.  No matter the kind.  I dislike it all, though I do like a neat space, so I have to cut deals with myself–usually those deals involve….you guessed it…CHOCOLATE!
  17. Reading important literature, such as Women’s World or First for Women magazines.  When I read, I most often don’t like to think, so these seem to fit the bill.
  18. Making a ‘mean’ decaf mocha using my Breville espresso machine at home.  It may take a good ten to fifteen minutes for the end result to come to fruition, but it’s well worth it:-).
  19. Using the squeegee to clean the shower doors.  Though I don’t like housework, my daily one-minute routine saves a whole lotta scrubbin’ later on.  Love those straight, crisp lines that wick away the moisture thanks to my lil Dollar Store find.
  20. ‘De-germifying’ my hands and airplane surfaces with the infamous ‘Wet Ones’ wipes.  I carry them EVERYWHERE and should really own some stock in the company by now.  Hands and eating surfaces must be clean, folks!  With me, it is a guarantee.

Well, there you have it.  Maybe now, I am an expert at writing lists.  (Actually, I kinda am in everyday life…whether or not I actually follow or do them is a different story, however.)  Do any of my things resonate with you?  Any areas of ‘expertise’ that you have which could make your top twenty list?


6 thoughts on “My Top 20

  1. Love your list…I have to make deals with myself to clean the apartment too…sometimes it’s for chocolate though I try not to make food my reward too often…I’ve been leaning more towards reading time or catching up on shows I missed since I’m trying to lose weight😉

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      1. It’s going really well. The kids I’m working with are a lot of fun, so that helps. Figuring out how to keep up the writing, exercise, etc. has been a little challenging, but I’m sure I’ll figure out a routine that works soon. Thanks for asking😄. How are things in your neck of the woods?

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      2. I’m glad that you are enjoying it. Sometimes a change is needed. Like you, I am going to have to figure out time for writing and exercise now that my summer holidays are over too. Life is about to get really busy again. Hope you are feeling more energetic these days as well. I know that that is one of the things I miss most when I don’t work out–energy. It makes a big difference!

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