The Oh-So Obvious Signs of….


Fall.  Are you ready for it?  Not so sure I am, but Mother Nature seems to think it’s time.  Soon, the lazy days of summer will be gone in our part of the world:-(.  The air has that familiar fall chill, the geese are gathering and honking, and the daylight hours are slowly closing in, as our lights turn on sooner and sooner.  Yes indeed, I think it’s Obvious that the seasons are a changin’… depending on which is your favourite, you might be ready and willing to embrace the signs.  While I agree that it can be a very pretty time of the year, the part that I am not ready for is the cold and snow which inevitably follows in mid-to-late October/early November and stays until May.  And so comes my prayer and promise to the weather Gods, “Please, oh please let it be a mild winter.  I promise I’ll be really good.  I’ll even cut down on my chocolate intake, if that’ll help.”  (Ahh..who am I kidding?!  The last part won’t happen, but I will be really, really good otherwise:-).  


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