Can You Crack The Code?


One of the best parts of Learning is that it is a generational thing.  We pass along knowledge to our younger counterparts (and/or each other) with the hopes that that information will serve them well going forward.  Each community, each culture has their own way of sharing knowledge, from passing along customs and traditions to storytelling to the traditional classroom to the vast world of cyberspace.  And, of course, some of the very best and most important learnings happen right at home, as children look up to, watch and imitate their parents/family members as they go about their day-to-day business.  (We should never underestimate the strength of the role and relationship that parents play in the education of their children, separate from schooling.  Children will follow their parents lead, and if parents embrace learning, so will their kids.)  On that note, let me take this opportunity to share with you a fun, math riddle that my parents passed along to me from their own experiences somewhere along the way; one which I have since passed along numerous times to the many youngsters that I work with.   See if you can figure out what it means.  (Hint:  Think beyond the numbers that you initially see.)

Here it is:

11 was a racehorse

22 was 12

1111 race and


In case you have a little trouble as I did when I first saw this, I will post the answer later today.  Meanwhile, for those of you who ‘crack’ it, feel free to pass this riddle along to others who might enjoy figuring it out.   Ah, the joys of learning:-)



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