Youthful Eyes

Youthful Eyes

Abundant energy

The spirit of a child

Lives within

If I had the choice to live as I do with my present decades of experience or to revisit my youth, I would stay right where I am.  While it would be nice to have fewer cares and responsibilities, an untainted view of the world, more energy and less health concerns, I am happy with all that I have learned, especially about myself.  In some ways, I actually have less worry and apprehension now than I did in my youth due to the confidence which I have gained.  A confidence that comes only from facing life’s many trials, tribulations and celebrations.  

I do believe, that much as the sayings go, ‘you are only as old as you feel’ and ‘age is just a number’.  When you look in the mirror, which set of eyes do you view yourself with?  The tired set that sees all of the physical changes and mourns the loss of things which time cannot erase or the youthful set which reflects your inner spirit, the childlike spirit which lives on within you and is always there.  While I willingly admit that there are more and more moments in which I notice myself:  fumbling more in the dark, discovering grey hairs, feeling more aches and pain, drooling while asleep in my chair, etc.–all things that I used to associate with ‘old’ people, I am grateful that I have made it this far.  Not everyone does.  It’s a new stage, a new experience and I’ll take it.  And, the good news is that if you allow yourself, you can always tap into that inner childlike spirit with your years of wisdom as an added bonus.  Just be present in your everyday life.  I mean, really present.  Children live in the present, as do animals.  If you ever get the chance to simply sit back and watch a child or a family pet ‘play’, it is something to relish without a doubt.  Their uninhibited nature, their spontaneity, their ‘silliness’ is addictive–you cannot help but smile, and even join in!  When I get caught up in the ‘busyness’ of life, I try to remember Bil Keane’s infamous quote:



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