The Art & Yumminess of Pie-Ironing (Warning: Don’t Lick the Screen:-)


What a great way to start a morning, especially if you are an outdoor/camping enthusiast like us!  And, tell me that you cannot smell the ‘cinnamon-y’ goodness emanating through the screen from this wonderful little cast iron cooker used over an open fire.  I swear that I can still smell it or maybe it’s just my vivid memory of it.  Either way, the very sight of it makes my mouth water and my taste buds gear up for that comforting, familiar, gently-spiced flavour that has the ability to warm both your heart and your toes simultaneously.  Now, who can argue with that?!  Though not truly homemade (thanks to that lovable, squeezable Pillsbury dough guy), it’s as close as you can get without all the fuss.  Simply drizzle a little (or a lot) of icing over the top and pair it with a fresh made java in the outdoors, and I don’t think that there is much in this life that can beat it.  Truly a golden brown ‘snail-like’ piece of pure heavenly baked goodness!  And, if you have never before heard of ‘pie-irons’ until this very moment in time, then it’s a good thing that I have introduced it to you because you have been missing out;-).

FYI:  These amazing little cast iron cookers can be found at most outdoor or camping outfitter stores for a very reasonable price.  A little priming required post-purchase, some non-cook spray and you are in business:-).  Enjoy.  Happy Morningtime to you!!


8 thoughts on “The Art & Yumminess of Pie-Ironing (Warning: Don’t Lick the Screen:-)

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    1. Have fun and enjoy the results. Another great thing to do in them is, of course, ‘pie’–two slices of buttered bread with whatever pie filling you want in between, sprinkled with a touch of sugar on top once cooked.

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      1. Love it too. Oh, will try it out. I guess it will have an absolute fine taste too. Thank you for the recipe, lol. I enjoyed the peek on your blog. You really have some beautiful piece I’m coming back to read. 🙂

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