A-Muse-Ing (For Us Ladies, Anyway:-)


I personally love this one!!  Plus, Ladies…you gotta admit that it is one of the few universal truths left.  And, it should be of no surprise that I found this one on a popular social media site, where of course all universal truths are housed these days, right?   (Te-he!)  Indeed, no matter where you go, what you do, what you say, what you wear, how old you are, married or single–your bum will always be right there behind you to comfort you should you ever need to, say…sit down, for example.  You have to admit that not many things in this life can offer such immediate comfort and/or support, especially one that is so readily built-in.  Pretty neat realization, eh?

Now, you can either like your behind or not, but I figure you might as well like it.  After all, it ‘ain’t’ going away, though it might get smaller or bigger depending on…well, a few things most likely.  But hey, round or flat, wide or thin, it’s God given and it’s yours!  Might as well own it:-).  The way I see it, I don’t normally get to view it back there anyway, so really what do I care?  And, if others don’t like it, too bad!!  My theory and answer to those who disapprove is/has always been…’QUIT LOOKING AT IT THEN!’  And, I might also add something like, “You’ve got your own, right?  Maybe you should focus on it!!”  I say, the time is long overdue for us all to embrace our bums–even if they are a bit ‘cheeky’:-).





11 thoughts on “A-Muse-Ing (For Us Ladies, Anyway:-)

  1. Well, Sue, and this is the truth, I may not recognize my clients when I see them at the mall or the grocery store–until they turn around. I am a personal trainer, and every woman I train wants to work on her butt. So I look at a lot of butts–big ones, small ones, round ones, flat ones, soft ones and hard ones. I can recognize my clients’ bums even when I don’t recognize their faces. I haven’t figured out what this says about me. You made me laugh

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    1. Too funny! Glad my post made you laugh…your comment, in return, made me laugh. As for what it says about you? I would say that it proves that you are a good trainer in knowing your clients!! Good to hear from you…have a great weekend:-).

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