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My Top 20

Everyone has a list….a list of things that they are really good at.  Now, would you say that I am an Expert exactly?  No, as a field of expertise requires a bit more than simply liking something or being subjectively ‘good’ at it, but they are fun lists just the same.  Let’s take a look at mine, for example:

These are the things that I think that I do well:  (Key word being ‘I’.) Read More…


Don’t Cheat Your Own Bank Account



I was going to put together an entirely different take on today’s post until I came across this quote by chance and I thought, ‘Hmm…this seems fitting for the daily word prompt.  Maybe it was meant to be.’  And so, I thought that I would share it with you.  I love the way it is worded, and though I have written about the importance of ‘making the most of each day’ before, this is an interesting way to interpret and breakdown our gift of time–I never thought of it in this way before.  I hope that it resonates with you in some way.


(This quote comes from Marc Levy’s book, “If Only It Were True”, which I have not read, but sounds excellent.  The entirety of it is written below.)


 I apologize for the size of the text underneath the picture.  Apparently part of my 86, 400 seconds of time today was destined to have a little bit of trouble getting these images to work for me.  Hopefully, you can read everything okay.  I’d spend more of seconds sorting it out, but there is a garden fresh zucchini that is waiting to be turned into a scrumptious chocolate cake.  Surely, you understand that I mustn’t keep it waiting any longer;-).    Read More…

Surviving Bikinis & Short Hair…It Can Be Done

Make no Mistake , folks!  You saw right with the title.  Does this have anything to do with making mistakes or learning from them, as most will likely write about with respect to today’s word prompt?  Well, no…not exactly.  But, there is something to be learned perhaps, and so maybe in a roundabout way, it is related.  Nonetheless, here we go….

Now, if you are a guy reading the title, you might be thinking, ‘Hey, what’s this one all about?  Any pictures?’.  To which, I could say, “Read on to find out,” but I’ll save you the trouble and let you know in advance that this post is really just about ‘girlie-life’ kinda thoughts:-)–not that you are not welcome to read it anyway, if you wish.  In fact, please do.  It might give you some insight into how us women think.  And, if you are a lady such as myself, you might be thinking, ‘Oh man!  A bikini?!  Short hair?!  Not for me,’ to either one, the other or both.  Or maybe, just maybe as a woman you are thinking, ‘Yah so, what’s the big deal?  Been sporting both for ages,’ in which case, I say, “Good for you.  All the power to you!”  But, for the rest of us for whom either has been/is dreaded or frowned upon, let’s get into it a little bit.  (Of course, as I write this, I am aware that depending on where you live or where you are from, the two things I speak of might not even apply to you or your culture, or it might just be an everyday part of life.)

Disclaimer:  This post is a little on the longer side today, so hunker down if you like:-).
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Plumeria Flower


Picture.  Perfect.  Plumeria.

Deserving of a Frame:-).

The Oh-So Obvious Signs of….


Fall.  Are you ready for it?  Not so sure I am, but Mother Nature seems to think it’s time.  Soon, the lazy days of summer will be gone in our part of the world:-(.  The air has that familiar fall chill, the geese are gathering and honking, and the daylight hours are slowly closing in, as our lights turn on sooner and sooner.  Yes indeed, I think it’s Obvious that the seasons are a changin’… depending on which is your favourite, you might be ready and willing to embrace the signs.  While I agree that it can be a very pretty time of the year, the part that I am not ready for is the cold and snow which inevitably follows in mid-to-late October/early November and stays until May.  And so comes my prayer and promise to the weather Gods, “Please, oh please let it be a mild winter.  I promise I’ll be really good.  I’ll even cut down on my chocolate intake, if that’ll help.”  (Ahh..who am I kidding?!  The last part won’t happen, but I will be really, really good otherwise:-).  

Can You Crack The Code?


One of the best parts of Learning is that it is a generational thing.  We pass along knowledge to our younger counterparts (and/or each other) with the hopes that that information will serve them well going forward.  Each community, each culture has their own way of sharing knowledge, from passing along customs and traditions to storytelling to the traditional classroom to the vast world of cyberspace.  And, of course, some of the very best and most important learnings happen right at home, as children look up to, watch and imitate their parents/family members as they go about their day-to-day business.  (We should never underestimate the strength of the role and relationship that parents play in the education of their children, separate from schooling.  Children will follow their parents lead, and if parents embrace learning, so will their kids.)  On that note, let me take this opportunity to share with you a fun, math riddle that my parents passed along to me from their own experiences somewhere along the way; one which I have since passed along numerous times to the many youngsters that I work with.   See if you can figure out what it means.  (Hint:  Think beyond the numbers that you initially see.)

Here it is:

11 was a racehorse

22 was 12

1111 race and


In case you have a little trouble as I did when I first saw this, I will post the answer later today.  Meanwhile, for those of you who ‘crack’ it, feel free to pass this riddle along to others who might enjoy figuring it out.   Ah, the joys of learning:-)


Is it Worth Jeopardizing? Why, Yes it is!

You know the feeling:  Sweaty palms, a lump in your throat, that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, knees which feel weak, a racing heart & mind.  Indeed, it is decision time–will you or won’t you?  The answer you provide could change everything or it could change nothing, but how will you know if you don’t try.  Instead of asking, “Why would I?”, ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t I?”.   Chances are that flipping that question around will provide some clarity.   Read More…

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