The Two Parts of ‘Crises’


Well, I could write about the kinds of crises that one endures in their lifetime and/or some of which I have faced personally, as we all have had to do and still will, I’m sure. But, instead I’m going to keep this one short and more to the positive side, I hope. (I don’t want you to have to face a crisis simply in reading this:-).

Without looking up the origin of the word, I do see two very interesting things in the breakdown of it that maybe others have also seen. In fact, what I am about to say might even be common knowledge to most people, but it is something that I just happened to notice for the first time in looking at the word parts.

The initial part of the word ‘crisis’ almost spells out the word ‘cries’, which one often does when faced with difficult times or personal struggles. But, the second part of the word ‘crises’, spells out ‘rises’. Interesting!  (Though, now I seem to recall hearing the last part about rising before.  Nonetheless…)  First comes the agony and upset, then comes the strength and power to overcome it. Hmmm. I think I’ll keep that handy little analysis in my back pocket for the next time something happens…maybe it’ll help you too or maybe it’ll serve as a reminder, if you had previously gained that insight, but forgotten, panicked or looked past it:-).

Rising. I like that. After all, most people agree that it’s how you handle or come out of various ‘crises’ which is usually self-defining. Just like this one hundred and twenty year-old (our best approximation) tree in our present front yard here in the mountains. May it give you strength and hope in some of your darkest times, as despite its age, scars and missing branches, it keeps reaching for the limits of the sky of which there are none. Notice the bright blue light above it. There will always be light –even if you cannot see or feel it at the time.



6 thoughts on “The Two Parts of ‘Crises’

  1. I love this post. It’s a great way to look at the word. I’m envious of that tree in your front yard. I miss living close to nature. I went to college near the redwood forest in northern California and I spent a lot of time in that forest or on the beach which was also close by.

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