The Mind–One’s Own Private Sanctuary

It’s likely not a secret that everyone has the their very own Sanctuary that they can escape to anytime or anyplace, just as I am right now in writing this. That’s the beauty of our minds. They can take you anywhere you want to go. Just think it, imagine it and it’s there. What’s better yet for me today is that I just happen to be extra fortunate in that my ‘place’ is in amongst some of the grandest, oldest rock formations in the Earth’s history. Not too shabby, I would say. Before me, stands some very tall pine trees with that addictive fragrance that people try to emulate, package and sell (which is not even close to the real thing). I hear the familiar sounds of birds chirping along with the odd squawking (there’s always one who does:-), the fire crackling as its final embers burn down, along with the occasional person fiddling about at their campsite. They are all comforting sounds in what I find to be one of the most serene environments, along with the ocean. That’s why we come here each summer and I have since I was a kid. Who can argue with feeling ‘one with nature’, so to speak? Likely not most of us. Of course, I presently look a tad out-of-place as I type away on my iPad in the middle of this glorious, mountainous setting sitting single-handedly by the campfire (which I started, by the way), but we are living in modern times, right? Life is a balance between new and old, after all. And, each day is to be enjoyed. This day, I am also grateful to be spending it with you at this very moment in time. Writing, sharing my thoughts…welcoming your thoughts, if you so choose.

Where do you like to go in mind or otherwise for your private sanctuary? How do you find solace in your day-to-day living? Are you able to take time for yourself or are you often too busy helping others? Any advice for those who struggle in finding those quiet moments in life to indulge and just be?

If nothing else comes of this blog entry, I am hoping that, at the very least, I can share some joy in showing you my front yard view–my present sanctuary in amongst the Canadian Rocky Mountains.



5 thoughts on “The Mind–One’s Own Private Sanctuary

  1. My sanctuary is out in nature and because I can then reach that one sanctuary you mentioned as well, deep inside of me. I know that it’s always there but sometimes I need to feed it with things from the outside. Like a hike in one of our beautiful forests or a walk along the beach. Or just simply by watching some birds or clouds. Then I can go to my sanctuary inside of me when I can not escape the craziness and find some needed energy.

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    1. That’s awesome! While I am far from the adventurous type, I certainly appreciate just being in nature, as you say. The sights, the smells, the sounds–all alluring. Half the battle is just recognizing when we NEED to take the time to re-energize ourselves. I’m certainly becoming more protective of my ‘me time’ the older I am getting. Glad to hear that you find the time, even in the simplest of things, such as watching clouds. Thanks for sharing:-).

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