Nature’s Grand Sundae


While it is not a Cherry On Top of this mountain range, the clouds are hovering just above its peaks somewhat reminiscent of the way whip cream would adorn the mounds of a real ice cream sundae.  I took this image yesterday as we were driving into the Canadian Rockies for the fourth leg of our summer holidays.  For me, this happenstance shot has both a literal and figurative interpretation of this week’s photo challenge.

Literal in the sense that this composition reminds me of the layers one might find in a traditional ice cream sundae, though it just happens to be nature’s version of one.  On the bottom, you see beautiful emerald-green, pine trees and a lake reflecting the needle-filled, tapering branches.  As you ascend the range, there are patches of lighter green grasses along with crevices wherein fresh, clear water flows down.  Toward the top, the rocks are mostly bare with the occasional evergreen standing its ground.  Above the mountains, the clouds linger while taking in the majestic beauty of the gigantic rocks below them, which are upwards of a billion years old.  A delicious example of Mother Nature’s pure goodness to the eye, without a doubt.

Figuratively speaking, as mentioned earlier, this annual mountain trip of ours is our fourth holiday in the past four weeks.  I can’t think of a better way to spend our summer vacation time, relaxing and taking in the various views that we have been privy to thus far–everything from gorgeous Hawaiian sunsets against the deep blue ocean to larger than life mountain tops set against a beautiful blue sky.  I would say that each has been the ‘cherry on top’ of our time-off for sure.  Here’s hoping that you find time to indulge in your own sundae of sorts, ice cream or otherwise:-).



10 thoughts on “Nature’s Grand Sundae

  1. Once again, you tend to out do yourself from the previous post in the way you write about something while incorporating the daily word prompt within your post.
    Well done. I enjoyed it immensely.

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