Cola, Beer or Wine?



I have been to the Desert a few times…mainly in Nevada and California.  Of course, it’s not as though I have been stranded there all by my lonesome, thirst-laden with sand stuck to my dry, cracked lips, my tired feet dragging behind, hair drenched and askew after having walked barefoot for miles on the hot granules with no end in sight.  And, I certainly haven’t ever been on a camel before, despite the fact that I think it would be kind of neat to ride one; that is, if I could ever get up on one with my short legs.  No, my desert experiences have been quite the opposite and rather touristy, I will admit.  But, the word does seem to conjure up those kinds of images in one’s mind, doesn’t it?  At least, for those of us who live life in places vastly different from the desert.  

But yesterday, as my husband and I sat leisurely enjoying the hot, sunny weather next to the ocean, he decided to indulge in a bottle of cold cola which he had been saving.  I have to admit that drinking it from the old-style glass bottle looked refreshing, so I stole the first sip, and it was good even though I am not a huge fan of pop these days. We think it’s the bottling process that made all the difference in its seemingly extra crisp flavour.  (Or, at least we are suckers for good marketing strategies.)  I, on the other hand, if given the choice, would rather reach for a cold, frosty light lager right out of the carefully crafted bottle.  Skip the mug for this girl, though I do get the appeal of the foamy lager running down the sides leaving wet trails on the glass and your tongue.  Now, I don’t drink beer very often, but some days you just can’t beat the ‘hoppy’ taste (hmm…happy or ‘hoppy’?  Both actually.  Anyway, I digress as usual.)  And, for those of us who drink it, it is especially good when paired with something salty, isn’t it?  So, our drink choices got me thinking…if you were really stranded on a desert island, and desired one drink aside from water, which we all know would quench our thirst best and replenish our dehydrated bodies, which would you pick?  Some might go for a nice glass of bubbly or vintage wine, though to me, those are best paired with an actual meal. Somehow, I wasn’t picturing food in this whole ordeal, though obviously one would be hungry too just as I am right now.

Regardless, which beverage drinker are you at heart?  We know everyone has their preference and some are very allegiant to certain brands, even.  Dare I mention the ongoing Coke vs. Pepsi debate?!   Feel free to chime in on what your choice would be, if you desire.  Or simply, give it some pause for thought.  Or, maybe you don’t even have to think about it or you don’t want to because you are not deserted on an island and you could care less, which would be fair too.  (See I am a level-headed gal.)  Meanwhile, it is 7AM here in Kona, and my drink of choice is going to be a cup of good ol’ Hula Daddy Kona Sweet Light coffee, brewed from freshly roasted beans this past Wednesday paired with a deliciously flavoured purple taro roll.  Cheers, my friends or bottoms-up:-)




4 thoughts on “Cola, Beer or Wine?

  1. I too do not enjoy soda, pop, or what one calls it today depending where they are from.
    But, on occasion I do like a good brew, preferably a dark lager.
    Still working from my phone so no post today on today’s word prompt.
    Enjoyed your post though. Keep on writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A dark lager, eh? Fair enough. Hope you are having a good start to the week despite some of life’s happenings for you lately. Thanks for staying tuned in, so to speak:-).


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