‘Look Up, Surf’s Up’–Riding the Waves





Well, it may be a bit of stretch to say,’ Look Up, Surf’s up,’ for this Week’s Photo-Challenge, but I’d like to think it fits…so I’m going to use some of my husband’s shots from this very morning outside our lanai.  I’m including a few photos simply because I cannot choose which one is ‘the best’.  I love them all and I hope you do too:-).

Up until yesterday, the swells have been quite low on the Big Island and so, we have not had the luxury of watching our local surfers.  But, last night and this morning, it is a much different story:-).  As soon as the work day was done yesterday, a gathering of surfing enthusiasts showed up in this popular bay.  At home, on a warm day, I get excited at the thought of changing into my comfy clothes and putting my feet up in our air-conditioned home after work; by contrast here in Hawaii, people look forward to unstrapping their boards and hitting the waves.  A much healthier option than mine it appears:-).  Though, in my own defence, I have been known to take in the gym, yoga or my treadmill downstairs (excuse my need for self-justification–yes, I still catch myself doing it).  Anyway….back to the important stuff here.

I admire the locals, or visitors perhaps, who are fearless when it comes to the unpredictable, blue ocean waters.  I love watching them look up and ahead as they await the next foamy swell, paddling casually on their colourful surfboards to begin with, then fiercely in anticipating of ‘catching the big one’.  There is a known hierarchy amongst the local surfers and each eagerly takes their turn, cycling through time and time again.  They have been here in the bay for hours now, and I cannot help but silently wonder if any of them have called in sick for work this morning due to some kind of ‘swelling’:-).  Regardless, as a tribute to them and their brave, adventurous tenacity, I submit the aforeseen photos in honour of their genuine love & passion for surfing here in the South Pacific waters.  ‘Mahalo’ (a huge Hawaiian thank you) to them for a fabulous morning view!  And, Aloha to you!!



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