Big Ship, Little Ship


I don’t usually post two responses to this week’s photo-challenge, but I can’t resist this one simply because it presented itself so nicely.

This Pride of America Norwegian Cruise Liner showed up on our doorstep today, during our stay on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Obviously, a fourth of July tour carefully timed through the Islands.  Was kinda neat to see it arrive, let down the tenders, and begin its day’s journey here, as local businesses gladly awaited the passengers arrival.  Now that all of its patrons are back on board, it has slowly turned about face and will make its way to Kauai.  With the sun soon about to set, it is poignant to see its monstrous shadow in comparison to the other boats in the area.  Complete Opposites, I would say.  Having been on a cruise ship and seeing it up close and personal as we did today, its grandeur never fails to impress!  Safe travels, everyone:-)


6 thoughts on “Big Ship, Little Ship

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  2. Beautiful shot. The other boats certainly look dwarfed in comparison with the guest of the cruise liner – like it is a very important person if it were a person! As you said, the businesses must have been very happy to do a bit of business, and I suppose meet a bunch of happy holiday makers 😀

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