Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches




Okay, now for a very serious discussion…good ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich (affectionately known as PB &J) Layers.  Everyone has their own way of making this infamous breaded delight, and I must tell you that it is one of my personal favourites, as I am sure it is for most of you.  

For awhile there, I was banned from eating the famous sandwich combination, which was utterly heartbreaking, as I had incurred a reaction from eating nuts.  Now, of course, peanuts are a legume not a tree nut which I knew, but once you’ve had a scary encounter with a food product, you tend to eliminate the likes of it or anything resembling it from your diet.  The good news is that I am back to being able to consume peanuts again, after requesting allergy testing, and I can honestly tell you that the thing I missed most about eating nuts/legumes was my Kraft light creamy peanut butter!  (Some of you may know it as the familiar green tub of PB with cute little bears on the front.)

Here’s the thing though for those of you who are also PB & J lovers, there is a specific way of putting it together that is either a deal-maker or deal-breaker.  You know what I am talking about, don’t you?  For instance, when I make my sandwich, I CAREFULLY spread my tablespoon’s worth of light creamy, PB on one slice of whole wheat bread and then dole out my other tablespoon’s worth of raspberry jam, double the fruit kind, on top of the same slice, spreading it just as carefully over the other.  Then, I simply place the other slice of whole wheat goodness over top, or to save on the bread quotient (you know, the whole no gluten craze these days), I may just stick with the one piece and fold it over.  Now, my husband swears that I am doing the layering all wrong, as he has a completely different way of constructing this breaded masterpiece.  For him, you MUST put margarine on both slices of whole grain bread before even looking at the other two ingredients.  Then, it’s a ‘glob’ (NO careful spreading here) of PB on one side and grape (eeks! not my pick) jelly, not jam, on the other slice and here’s the moment of truth for him–when assembling the two pieces of bread together, the PB one HAS to go on the bottom.  Puis, tu peux manger!  (Then, you can eat.)

Who’d have ‘thunk’ that making such a simple breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack item, which it can easily be all of, would follow a certain course, but it does.  So, the obvious question now is, how do you layer your peanut butter and jelly goodness?


4 thoughts on “Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

  1. I like to put peanut butter on both slices of bread. Then I layer the jelly on the bottom slice, place the remaining PBt’d slice on top and cut the sandwich in half. Of course, milk is required when you eat PB&J. Great post for this challenge.

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  2. I spread the peanut butter on one side and then MUST spread the jelly on top of the PB on that same side of the bread. This absolutely drove my stepmother mad. Diet coke is my drink of choice.

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